English speaking people in Galicia, Spain

Hi all,

I'm intending to visit Pontevedra this weekend, as I've got a property to see on Monday. So if anyone would like to meet up let me know. Also I'd be grateful for a pointer to a decent and affordable B&B somewhere near.


B and B  is not common in spain.  However, if you google ‘hostal’  in the area you should find a place to stay which is economically priced   

NB.  Do not confuse hostel with U.K. hostel
Take look here

http://www.hostal-madrid.info/en/blo-19 … or-a-hotel

Thanks John,

I don't think I fancy shared accommodation so I'd better look for an hotel I suppose.


Que tal,

I as well am not Australian but English and currently live in Manchester with my Galician girlfriend. We would like to live in Galicia possibly A Coruna in the future. I am only at a beginner stage in Spanish and currently work in retail/security. I would like to know what forms of employment English speaking people do in Galicia who may not speak fluent Spanish

Hi Everyone ,
My name's Delia and my partner and
I are thinking of moving from Catalonia to Galicia,
probably the Ribera Sacra región..

Any information would be gratefully received.
We hear the weather isn't too cold or too hot, because
it's a wine growing área. We're not sure how true that is,
so, we thought we'd ask.. I take it that there aren't that
many English speaking people either…

Hope to hear from someone soon.

Hi Delia

The Ribeira Sacra is a beautiful area and property is good value. The climate is hot in summer and pretty cold in winter because it’s at altitude (we’re at 450m). However if you stay in the hillier bits you will have glorious sunshine on many winter days and see the most below you. In summer we get days of 30 to 39 degrees; in winter the coldest it gets is maybe a couple of degrees below zero at night and up to 12/15 during the day. Spring and autumn can be lovely but also wet. The weather is very like Madrid’s weather actually. The cost of living is great here and eating out is good value and good quality. Good luck! PM me if you’d like to know more.

Hello Spangle,

Do you actually live in Chantada city..?

What's the weather like in Winter? Very cold or just wet?

Hope you're having a good day.

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