Uk criminal record

Has anyone recently obtained an nlv with a criminal record from when they were younger ? 

@Helpneeded27 I'm currently appealing a rejection for a criminal record, my NLV was initially approved and then they sent me rejection letter after selling my home, I have hired a Spanish immigration lawyer to help me, I will let you know the outcome, mine was a very minor offence which is nearly 12 years old

@sherylmulloy The uk system is not fair. The Spanish require the last 5 years but the acro has everything on it so they read it all. We have been told basically not to bother even tho the offences were over 16 years ago. Dreams of retirement gone. 

After 12 years the acro report will state no live trace  so I'm hoping if my appeal doesn't go my way I'll be applying again, I'll let you know how I get on my solicitor have put a good argument  across and I was told on 3 separate emails my visa had been approved, I've sold my house give up a very good job that I'll never get again, if I don't get the visa someone has to answer to the fact I've been told my visa has been approved 3 times they invited me back to Manchester consulate twice to pick it up, I went to get my NIE certificate the other day from the police and they said my TIE is still pending so I'm hoping this is a good sign, I will take this all the way as I've now no home or job  in the UK 
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