Student life in Seville

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Updated 2021-08-13 09:12

Seville is among the most popular European cities for international students. There is year-round sunshine, a laidback lifestyle, vibrant streets, culture, history, thousands of tapas bars, an affordable cost of living, and of course, excellent universities. If you are thinking about studying in the Andalusian capital or have already booked your place on a course, here's what you need to know about student life in this captivating, lively, and picturesque city.

Student accommodation in Seville

Depending on your budget, it might be a good idea to book into a cheap hotel or hostel when you arrive in Seville and spend your first few days looking for student accommodation. Search on property websites such as Spainhouses.netMilanuncios, Nestpick, and, and look on notice boards at your university. Among the options are:

The latter has several benefits. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to improve your Spanish language skills, but you may also have your meals cooked for you. 

Rent for apartments in Seville varies depending on where you are in the city. Expect to pay between 550 euros and 750 euros for a one-bedroom city centre flat and 400 euros to 550 euros for a one-bedroom place outside the centre. The price for a room in a shared flat starts at around 200 euros, and with a Spanish family, the cost will be between 450 euros and 550 euros. Although the price is higher for a room in shared accommodation, it will include some meals. Popular student neighbourhoods are Triana, Alameda, and La Cartuja.

Student living costs in Seville

The costs of living in Seville are not the same for everyone and will, of course, depend on where you are going to live and the sort of lifestyle you want to lead. As a student, you will probably want to live as affordable as possible, and while the Andalusian capital is one of the most expensive places to live in Spain, it's still cheaper than many European cities.

Housing will most likely be your most significant expense, and next will probably be food. Fortunately, you can eat well for very little in Seville. There are plenty of produce markets, reasonably priced supermarkets, and good-value tapas bars and restaurants.

Sample average costs:

  • Regular coffee - 1.48 €
  • 1 litre of milk - 0.77 €
  • 1 kilogram of local cheese - 10.85 €
  • Mid-priced bottle of wine - 5.00 €
  • 1 bottle of domestic beer (0.5 litre) - 0.64 €
  • 1 kg of apples - 2.10 €
  • Loaf of locally made fresh white bread (500g) - 0.91 € 
  • One-way bus ticket - 1.40 €
  • Monthly travelcard (no travel limit) - 35.30 € 2 € processing costs)
  • Student travel card (valid from September 1 to July 31 - no travel limit) - 190 € 2 € processing costs

Working while studying in Seville

You may want to work to boost your funds while being a student in Seville. This is a great idea provided it doesn't interfere with your studies. You will need a work permit if you are from outside of the European Union/the European Economic Area/Switzerland. If you secure a job, your employer will submit a work permit application on your behalf to the Ministry of Labour, Migrations, and Social Security (Ministerio de Trabajo, Migraciones y Seguridad Social).

Student discounts in Seville

Save money on sights, food, transportation, and more with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). It is available to students of all ages and costs 11 euros per year, which is less than one euro per month. You can apply for your card at ISIC's website.

Leisure in Seville

Your head won't be buried in your books for the entirety of your stay in Seville. So, what is there to do in your free time? The short answer is lots. The city boasts an extensive range of cultural and recreational activities. There are theatres, cinemas, parks, museums, sports centres and facilities, gymnasiums, and much more. For some ideas of what to do, read our articles "Things to do on weekdays in Seville" and "Things to do alone or with a group in Seville."

When the sun goes down, you will discover that Seville is a very animated city with an eclectic nightlife that starts at dinner and goes on until when you want it to stop. Popular hangouts that are fizzing with a student vibe include the bars and clubs of the Alfalfa and Triana neighbourhoods.

Top tips for international students in Seville

  • Get to know Spanish students. Don't just stay inside a bubble of people from your own country.
  • Save money on transport and get fit at the same time by cycling everywhere. Seville is a bike-friendly city with approximately 180 kilometres of green-tarmacked bike lanes.
  • Another money-saving tip is to shop in Chinese stores for everyday items such as cleaning products, toiletries, utensils, and so on. The prices are often a little cheaper than the supermarkets.
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