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I'm planning on enrolling for the conversa spain program and I wanted to confirm its legitimacy. There aren't many reviews online to work with, so I thought I could seek some help from this community. Has anyone here ever enrolled for the program? Alternatively, do you know someone who's enrolled for the program? I'll be required to make some payments, so I just want to be certain before doing so. Any help or advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

Do you have a link for it?

Yes, I do. Here it is.

My appointment date at the Houston Consulate is January 25th but the Orientation date is January 7/8...... I keep checking for cancellations and earlier appointment dates but nothing has changed. What's the worst case scenario?
My plans were to purchase a one way flight ticket and fly out a month earlier to get acclimated, shop for living arrangements and take care of administrative paperwork before the semester starts. Please advice?
The dates do not work...that's what has me concerned. I do not want to have to fly back to Houston on a last minute trip to complete VISA paperwork that could be completed at the Embassy or Spanish Customs. I'm not sure why the Sponsor's of this program could not make these arrangements? It is very difficult getting answers from Program Administrators or Spanish Ambassadors. Once in Madrid the NIE should be easy to acquire but I do not want to assume.
I purchased Program B that includes a TEFL Certification. If I am not able to participate in this program due to VISA appointments that do not coordinate with the Orientation and start dates of the program, how will I be reimbursed for a program that was not available from the beginning of the application and acceptance process?
Its deceptive and I would not have purchased the program if I had known that ConversaSpain as sponsors would not make us aware of the appointment details ahead of time.
This is actually theft and a bogus program if ConversaSpain requires money before knowing if appointment dates do not coordinate with program dates. I purchased this Program to receive a TEFL certification as well.
60 days before the semester starts should be sufficient time to correct deficiencies. This is like paying tuition for a degree and not receiving the benefits that come with the tuition paid.

Hello TLJ0097! Have you solved the situation already? I've been told that we had a participant in ConversaSpain who had this issue and has been fixed already. Please, contact [email protected]
A couple of weeks ago we started asking interested participants to verify the possibilities to get an appointment with the consulate before paying the program fee.


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I am unable to get an earlier appointment date with the Consulate in Houston. I check every morning between 8:00-9:00 a.m. and no slots have opened up.  Also, a list of Authorized Medical Insurance Providers suggested for operating in Spain is much needed. May I use my current Medical Insurance Provider or must I use an authorized Medical Health Provider to operate in Spain. The Houston Consulate only communicates through automated messaging systems and does not specify the requirement's needed.

I correspond through email with [email protected] They have informed me that I am able to arrive after my VISA has been issued well after orientation and the school year has started because they need assistants. If it takes 3 to 4 weeks to process the application, is this after the appointment date? What is suppose to be a 6 month contract could turn into a 4 month contract with poor correspondence and information given through the Consulate in Houston. I haven't known anyone to have this much trouble while teaching abroad in other regions.

Hello tlj0097. I'm sorry you are experiencing issues with the consulate. As you've experienced, ConversaSpain support team replies emails promptly (after 2-3 days the latest). They aim to give an accurate and fast reply.

As per changing the length of the programme, they are going to discuss this issue and give you an answer during the next couple of weeks.