Importing Vehicle

Hello.  Has anyone imported a vehicle into Spain from a GCC country?  I am working and residing in the UAE and am thnking of shipping my 2012 Range Rover Evoque to Spain.  I wonder about emission standards and possibly other things that may cause import issues and increased cost such as duty charges and process of importing into Spain that I may not be aware of.  Anybody go through the process? I would appreciate any helpful information, links and experiences on this.



Easy to find links. … iculo.html … eu-imports

I personally would not bother.


from everything  Ive heard, you are

much better off selling your vehicle and buying in spain.  The paperwork and hassle aren't worth it, according to many people.


@RibeiraSacra thank you for the information.  It will help me in making my decision regarding importing a vehicle or not.

@Lmflmf1 I heard the same from others as well. Thank you for your response.  I have pretty much decided now not to import my vehicle into spain.

Here are 3 websites where you can compare prices... there are more. … in=listing … mano/2012/ … hasta-2016

Most if not all will be diesels.


There are many cars for sale in Spain, lots of inexpensive cars too…

There are many cars for sale in Spain, lots of inexpensive cars too…

A lot of bottlecap 1f609.svg in the cheaper price ranges.

My comparisons were for a similar vehicle to what the OP has now.