Insuring a car in the UK and driving in Spain

Hi all,

A bit of tricky/complicated one here, but I'm sure there must be a solution as I'm sure plenty of people split their time between 2 or more countries.

I spend the majority of my time in Spain, and I am a resident here. However, I also have a property and a car (my pride and joy) in the UK. I want to keep the car in the UK insured, as it could still be stolen from my property, and I look forward to driving it when I go back home for a visit. I still have my UK driving license, and I never swapped it for a Spanish one as I don't want to give it up and not be able to drive, and insure, my car in the UK.

I am sure there must be people who split their time between the UK and Spain, and need to drive in both locations? I am trying to find a way to be able to drive legally in Spain (as my wife has a car I can use), but still be able to insure and drive my car legally when I go back to the UK. Without a full UK driving license, I don't think I can (legally) insure my car in the UK. But, as I understand it, if I swap my UK license for a Spanish one, I have to hand my UK one over, and therefore can no longer insure my UK vehicle.

I hope that makes some sense, it seems this is a fairly common scenario that there should be some kind of solution for, but I can't seem to find one!