New drivers license and rental cars

I have had a Spanish drivers license since November 2018. Most all rental car companies I had talked to say that you have to have your license for at least 1 year to rent a car in Europe. I have had a drivers license in the US for 40+ years but that license expired last month. So the rental car companies treat me as thought I had never driven before. Does anyone know of a company that does not have the 1 year requirement or a way around it? I do not want to buy a car but would love to rent one every now and then.

I cannot believe what you appear to be saying,  is other than a misinterpretation by car hire employee/s

If it were correct then if one changed say a U.K. DL for a spanish  one they would be unable to hire a vehicle for a year

Although not parallel :   My insurance in spain took into account the number of years I had held a DL anywhere in the world when I took out insurance with them.  That also applied when I insured an RV  and tow car in ISA, that I bought there and used as visitor (as they say in USA, an alien) for six months. 

In your position I would speak to someone more senior in the hire company.  If that did not resolve the issue I would complete a Complaints form and after two weeks submit it to the Consumers Office of the town hall.  I think that will solve your problem.

When you change a EU country license it will state what your original license date was but for a US license they do not ( US drivers have to take the driving test). Also the 1 year requirement is stated on the rental agencies web sites.

I know that but the length of time a person has held a licence, unless stipulated that must be a particular licence, is the whole time. 

When I changed my U.K. licence the insurance company accepted that had held a licence for 40 years,  albeit that had not been in spain. 

Similarly when I took out insurance in USA  and had taken the driving test in Florida a day or two before, my total driving experience was accepted and reflected in the premium.

I think it is worth Expatrats testing what the requirement really is as opposed to what possibly a junior member of staff understands

A compliants form would ensure the hire Company ‘ s understanding is correct

I have on several occasions questioned similar situations and often my understanding has been proved correct

There is nothing to loose by testing it

I will do that. Thanks for your suggestions.


I called a leading hire car company and they confirmed what you said.

They said, if a person with a DL from USA visits Spain they can rent a car, but if they use a Spanish DL it must have been issued at least a year previously.

They said if a person  in that situation produced a USA D/L  they could hire a car.

Is it possible for you renew by post or via a friend,  your USA  D/L and have it sent to you in Spain ?

Maybe more than one way to skin a cat !

Unfortunately I have to appear in person this time for a new picture. I will be back in the US in November but by then my Spanish license will be valid also. Thanks

It was just a thought

When I was touring USA in an RV I had travellers cheques.  Whenever I tried to cash one I was asked for my DL, they did not understand what a passport was.  U.K. D/Ls at that time did not have a photo so that too was a problem.  Eventually I took a test and got a USA licence.  When they were taking the photo I was ‘serious faced’ as one would be for a passport   The officer stated telling me jokes until I laughed, he then took the photo saying that was better !

I just got my Spanish licence in February 2019 and  have  also been driving for 40 years with Australian licence and I was told exactly the same thing!! It’s unbelievable... is t it?

It does not seem to make sense. I think it must be driven by insurance companies.

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