Moving to Costa Del Sol

I am thinking of moving abroad and I wanted to know what is the best way to get there. I have a Pug who will also be coming with me. So I want to find the cheapest way to travel. Can somebody please help me

Hi, one of my best friends has recently just moved to spain, they also took their pet with them :) they got theirs over by going on a cruise, thids might sound a bit weird, they got the cruise through a web based agency which provided all the information theyh needed on this. the best thing to do is have a look through the internet at differfent agencies if you want to send your pet over in style.
if not you can just do it the traditional way of either by freight or air travel. but the first way is much cooler. :D

Are you sure you want to come to Spain? There's a big crisis in here and jobs are difficoult to find.
By the way, my partner is English and she came with nothing and now she is an English teacher in a private school, she says she is  going to leave Spain because the weather and the people are amazing.
Good luck