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tram in Barcelona
Updated 2023-07-29 18:50

When planning a visit or considering settling in Barcelona, an important aspect to bear in mind is how to get around. Barcelona makes it easy with a variety of options. Today there are multiple forms of transport, but some stand out above others to move around Barcelona.  

Barcelona has several alternatives depending on whether you are looking for an economical option, maximum comfort all the way, or if you are in a rush.

Bus and subway in Barcelona

The fastest way to get around Barcelona is to use the subway. The city's eleven metro lines offer easy access to all famous places of interest. The metro network´s operating hours are:

  • From Monday to Thursday and midweek public holidays: From 05:00 to midnight
  • Fridays and the nights before public holidays: From 05:00 to 02:00
  • Saturdays: From 05:00 and continuous service throughout Saturday to Sunday night
  • Sundays: Continuous service throughout Saturday to Sunday night. Ends at 24:00 on Sunday night

Among the ticket and travelcard prices are:

  • Single ticket (one-way bus and metro): 2.40 Euros
  • T-usual card: Unlimited journeys for one month in Zone 1: From 20 Euros
  • T-grup card: Multi-person travelcard allowing 70 journeys over 30 days: From 79.45 Euros
  • T-casual card: Ten journeys in one zone: From 11.35 Euros

If you´re a night owl, you can also get around Barcelona in the small hours by using the city-wide night bus network. Each line has its own operating hours.

Good to know:

Barcelona has an excellent suburban rail network for the city center and wider metropolitan area. The two operators are Renfe and FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya).

Taxis in Barcelona

Taking a taxi is the most comfortable way to travel around Barcelona, but the most expensive one too. Black and yellow taxis are officially licensed taxis. You´ll find the current fares and surcharges displayed on a yellow sticker in the rear passenger window:

  • Base Fare: 2.55 Euros
  • Rate per km: 1.23 Euros

Extra charges include:

  • Luggage: 1 Euro
  • Keep your taxi waiting for an hour: 24.60 Euros
  • Journeys to and from Barcelona Airport: A supplementary charge of 4.50 Euros

Cycling around Barcelona

A great way to get to where you want to be in Barcelona is the Bicing bike rental service. It's fully integrated into the city's transport system and encompasses 6,000 mechanical and 300 electric bikes.

There are pick-up and drop-off points located in all parts of the city. You can use the system with a subscription card bearing your name. Bicing users have to be over the age of 16.

Good to know:

Barcelona also has a tram network. Six lines cover 29.2 kilometers of track and 56 stops.

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