Canadian Drivers License

Wondering if any expats here have gotten a spanish license. If so, what are the steps? Not sure whether I have 6 months or a year grace with my Canadian (Ontario) license but I'm sure I'll need a Spanish document for insurance if I decide to get a car or scooter.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I think if you are a resident then it is only 3 months but not overly sure on that.
But yes you will need to obtain a Spanish license anyway so you will need to find an autoescuela and do the complete test.

First off you will need to prove you have an understanding of the highway code which consists of basically sitting in the school or at home online and repeating the test questions over and over until they think you are good enough to take the actual theory test at Traffico. When you take the theory test it is best that you already have your medical certificate with you in case you pass. The theory can be done in English.

After this you will then be able to take practical lessons and when the instructor thinks you know the route then can do the final practical test with the adjudicator, this will be in Spanish.

It is also quite expensive but different areas have different pricing so you just have to ask.

we just got ours and it takes a long time to get it.  We have videos of our entire process on our facebook page  Wagoners Abroad.  We also have a driving in spain ebook which explains all of the steps. 

you are in for a "treat" but technically you should get it within the first 6 months here.  If you are here more than 6 months, even with an international diving permit you are technically driving without a valid license.   I know becasue we have been here 4 1/2 years and just finally decided to get it.  There are huge fines, up to 2000 euros for driving without valid license, plus you are at risk for insurance coverage.     our blog has loads of into about moving to  or livin in spain as expats.     Wagoners Abroad

This is a great example of what my wife and I have deemed "getting Spained." This refers to all of the excessive beaurocratic measures and expenses that serve only to rinse us (Canadians and others) like over-extended tourists.

It seems a little excessive to make people take a course and several tests when any Canadian tourist can obtain a rental car and drive wherever they like. Classic cash grab. I have also been told that U.S. citizens are able to simply trade their license in for a Spanish one, based on a government level deal.

Rant over. As I said, I don't drive often so it can wait.

Hi Matty3000

Can I direct you to have a read of this site, It might well of be some help to you



Thanks S.

Well, it confirms what I suspected: CA$H GRAB. Definitely not a safety issue if they're extending a license exchange freely to Diplomats and their kin.

I appreciate the link.

Been there almost every year & just play off ina rental car & my Canadian license. No issue for 6 mths. or even more. Honest no issue so why go through the hassle & rental is cheap on a monthly basis.

In defense of living in Spain, there are many things that are more expensive here than the US (where I'm from) and others that aren't. The cost of getting a license and the difficulty in passing the exams are the same for everyone, however. Spaniards in my family pay over 1000 euros for classes and exams to get a license, and my Spanish stepdaughter, who obtained a license in the US for very little money and completing a ridiculously easy driving test, has to pass the Spanish exam. To my knowledge there is no agreement for a US citizen to obtain a license without testing, but I will check with my embassy, as I don't have one. As for a few things that are a LOT cheaper here or free compared to the US, medical insurance, dental care (private or national plan), residency card, food, air travel, public transport, ...

Also, in light of the recent events in europe, I am not adverse to making a drivers license more difficult to obtain if it means increasing security.

Nope Americans have to go through the entire process as well.  Acutally many countries do.  They don't reciprocate with the USA becuase there are 50 states each with their own license, so it isn't just 1 country.  We just obtained our license and it took a couple of months.  In total it was 770 for two of us (me and my hubby).   It is a pain, it is time consuming, but we live in Spain!  It is awesome and now our license is good for many years.  We have been here 4 1/2 yrs, so we didn't exact follow the rules.  my advice, don't hang out in the land of "complain" for too long, Just get it done and overwith.

Agree with Wagoners last post.

Ha! You're absolutely right. Thanks for the pep talk. You always hope you'll catch a break somewhere with respect to at least one government agency but I'm very used to the process(es) and having to take the long way around by now. I'll get it done eventually but it's not a necessary expense right now.
That post (and my replies to comments) definitely came off a little crusty but I asure you that we're in a good place and happy to be here. Congrats on getting your licenses!
Thanks for the reply and take care.


Any immigration is a source of revenue. Application fee, landing fee, lawyer if you choose to use one. Then your diploma evaluation fees. Our BC car insurance is the most expensive in Canada, same money grab.

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