Causeway Bahrain visa fiasco

Anyone else getting fed up with the "new" system in place on Bahraini side of the Causeway? I've had to physically go into the passport office no fewer than 6 times in the last week to get my visa processed. A the booth, the story is always the same: the five year multi-entry that is valid until 2020 is invalid. Of course, it isn't but that's what the system now says.

Inside, they put my details into the "new" system and assure me that I won't need to come in again. 24 hours later, I'm back. They tell me that every time I enter or exit, it's doing something to make the visa invalid.

I see a lot of other cars parked up and people inside so wondered if anyone else here was experiencing the same thing. Other guys at work have never once had to go in. Others, maybe once or twice. I seem to be special!  :unsure

I had to physically go once, but I wasn’t sure why !! I thought probably the system wasn’t working in the lane which I was in !!

Hi, with Bahraini customs to enter back to Bahrain?

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