Work permit rejected by ESD, how long do I need to wait for Appeal?


My company is a well established government linked company. They have applied for my visa on 15 August and I got rejection by 22 August. Since then I have been waiting in my country. The reason of rejection was not posted to me, however they only reply me I need to wait from 1-3 months. Is it correct?

Moreover, same scope of job I have another offer, can I process my visa there and accept the offer for another company?

3 months is the cooling off period - if already here working on a Cat III EP and want to change employer, except upgrade to Cat I or II.

Otherwise there is no waiting period - so strange GLC don't explain - unless they have reached their quota and that is why the application was rejected.

Ask them for explanation and then you can inform you are no longer interested in their job and they can cancel their database entry.

Often companies don't like to say the work "no" - it's a cultural thing

I also hae a same problem and they asked me to leae  Malaysia and waiting for appeal, yesterday when my company following up they said need to wait 1-3 months and all depends on immigration roles and regulation .
please share with me if you hae  any updates.

Thank you

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