Transport in Mauritius

Hi Everyone

I am relocating to Mauritius from SA for 12 months. Will probably start in Jan 2018.

I found it quite easy to get accommodation, but not much on transport.

I won't have a car, so my question is what is the public transport like there?

I may be staying in Port Chambly and our offices are in Cauden Waterfront, Port Louis.

What would the best option be to get there and back on a daily basis?

Thanks very much.

Hi Anton

Welcome to Mauritius!! The public transport available in Mauritius consists of taxis (very expensive) and buses (reliable during working hours). I would strongly suggest that you buy a second hand car though as it is more convenient.

Second hand cars are easily available.


Thanks Ritesh

People have suggested renting a car for the 12 months, but that sounds expensive given the option to buy a car for the same payment.

Where would you suggest looking around for 2nd hand cars?

There are two options:

1) classified websites like or
2) second hand recon car showrooms (cars imported from Japan, UK etc.)- they are slightly expensive but come with a warranty

I would suggest you look at the websites and see cars available within ur budget. I would strongly recommend buying a Toyota or Honda or Nissan as their resale is good.


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