IT job interview in November, suit required?

Hi all,

I'm going down to Malta to interview for a few tech roles and curious what sort of attire to bring with me as I'll only have carry-on luggage on Ryanair!

I was thinking that I could dispense with the suit jacket and just wear a smart tie/shirt/trouser combo, or should I bring the jacket as well?

Just that the weather is somewhat warmer than up north so curious what is normally expected for interviews in that industry.


your first impression to a new boss is also the last one, so you should dress accordingly for that specific position, although one should dress in a manner that respects the person or company you are visiting whether it be for a coal miner job or a ships captain job.

You may well need a jacket in November as the weather cools off then.

Also .. in mid October at the moment, with the sun shining (about 25 degrees), I'm wandering about in shorts and t-shirt, while the locals are in jeans/trousers - summer is over for them :-)

So .. I would bring the jacket and give the best impression possible. Good luck!

You can just ask the recruiting agent. It's in their interest to tell you this stuff every company is different

Good stuff thanks

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