ANY AMERICANS IN BATH? I'm moving to Bath in April and want to connect with some other Americans. I'm originally from Michigan, and now married with English husband and new baby. Looking to have some American friends to connect with when the homesickness creeps in, and to just have something in common! :)

Welcome on learmond :)

You can also browse through the American expatriates in Bristol network to extend your social network circle!

I hope that you will establish lot of contacts via our web community.


Hiya Kim in Bristol, not sure if my message went through I sent Im new to this forum .. anyhow I just wanted to say Welcome to Bath and England for that matter, I moved next-door to Bristol 2 years ago now, and I myself am looking to find some other Americans in the local area. If you would ever like to chat feel free to message me. :) Take care :)

Thanks guys for the reply! We get in first week of May so we will have to organize some meetups!

Hi all
well Im not an amarican but im due to fly out alone for a 10 hoilday to the USA (LA) could use a few new friends to gain a little knowlege befor I go....

I'm not in Bath, in Bristol, but it's a quick train ride or bus to Bath!
I've been here for 7 years and have  a 6 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. I'm originally from Indiana and am 27.

I only know two other Anericans here, one I went to HS with strangely enough, so it'd be nice to connect with others.

Originally from Cleveland, OH. Live in bristol now. Holidays are coming up and no one celebrates any of them here. Halloween anybody?

Hi there!  I am new to Bristol as well, definitely looking to connect with some other Americans here.  Feel free to contact me when you get here if you'd like to chat.  Good luck!

Hiya, I'm over in Bristol, too. I'm guessing you've found a few people by now though. Bath, from what I hear, has quite a few Americans. Plus there's the American Museum in Bath which seems like a pretty surefire way to meet people. My wife (British) keeps saying she's going to take me over there - maybe for the 4th of July event coming up. :)

No takers at all? I'm up for it, Tim. Any rough mid-September date? It's getting pretty close to mid-September already. :D

I could possibly do it. Would be good to meet more Americans here.

Yay! So we potentially have three. Any more?

Nope. Guess not. Chef Tim, Zoro and anyone else interested... Do we want to set a time and place? :D

I was thinking Sat 22nd. Possibly commercial rooms in the center?

Did my message not go thru? Satt 22nd? Commercial rooms?

Works better for me, too! Will check my calendar tomorrow, but I think I'm free Saturday. And the venue's perfect. Will post this to FB tomorrow.

Sunday is better

Yup... Anyone else up for a Sunday meet? Zoro? Megan? Learmond? Anybody? :)

HI there!  Appreciating this is a VERY old post, I am hoping you may still be active on here :-)

I have been over here from New York for two years now with my husband, who also is British.  We were originally living in Portishead and have since moved to Bradford on Avon about 6 months ago.  Having dedicated my first couple years here to my new husband, his family, and work I haven't had much time to make new friends and have lately been feeling a bit homesick!  Not sure about you, but I find it a bit difficult to make new friends over here.

Anyway, I have just really started looking onto expat sites to see if there are people in the same boat in this area and came across your post.  If you are still around here and looking to ever meet up with another American expat, that would be lovely!


Hey Megan, just sort of stumbled across your post here, but I just moved to the UK from Pennsylvania this past September. I'm living in Bath for grad school and still slowly meeting people, but it's definitely harder to make new friends when you're not in high school or college anymore! If you end up seeing this, it would be great to have a chat about our expat experiences! : )


I'm from South Beach, Miami, Florida and living in London if that helps in any way.

Bath is a beautiful city but who's in London..:)

Not far from Bath.