Hello expats

Hi, I'm British and thought it would be good to sign up and help any expats new to Bristol by providing any local advice if people need it. Like I say on my profile I am excited that there are so many new cultures and expats in Bristol. I have a few European friends and love to travel but always like talking to people from other countries. :)

Hi Jax273 and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for offering your help!
How about telling the other members a little more about yourself?


Hi Sofia. I live in North Bristol in Filton and my council tax is £1274 and that the second lowest in the banding. Banding goes from A (cheapest) to H (most expensive). I am also only paying single occupancy so it goes up if more than one person lives on the property. I come under South Gloucestershire Council who band council tax by general location but Bristol City council judge council tax on property prices.  So if you know your property price this web page will give you an idea of what you will spend. It doesn't say but I presume this is multiple occupancy and not single occupancy (the latter would be cheaper): http://www.bristol.gov.uk/page/council-tax-charges . Hope that helps. Neil

Hi Victoria277,

IF you are single, remember to apply for a council tax break for singles, I think its 25% off, and that's a lot! I didn't know I had to "apply" (assume it's automatic deduction) for it till 4-5 months of living here and have already lost money...hope this helps.

P.S. Jax, that's very nice of you...as a semi-newbie (been here 6 months), I do appreciate locals who are so helpful and kind.