Looking for friends in Bristol

Hi there everybody,

I've just joined this website so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Karolina and I'm from Poland. I went to Bristol for the first time last year and fell in love with it so much I revisited it in February. Now I'm coming back in July for 2 months and I'd like to make new friends because most of the people I met last year were not locals and have already left. It'd be nice to get to know somebody to hang around with, as going to a pub/club alone is a bit sad. :) If anyone's interested, please send me a message!


Hi, Karolina! I hope you were able to find some friends in Bristol. I went to Poland about 4 years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Beautiful country and the people were so friendly!

I will be moving to Bristol in November, so if you ever come back to Bristol after that I'd love to meet up and chat! :)

Hi Karolina, I know this is months late. I'm in Bath if you're still looking out for some new people.


Hi Karolina, I am pretty much settled in Bristol (live and work here and am not going anywhere) so if you still want to meet some people, let me know. C U

hi,im looking for old friend,his name roger seager, we been working together in central java. indonesia


My name is Hélène, I am French and I have arrived to Bristol on September 29th. I am interested to meet some people who lives here. I live in Clifton, I'd like to make some friends to go out in the evening, go have a drink...
My English is very bad but I am a friendly person, who likes laughing and going out!


Welcome Roger and Hélène! :)
I hope you'll soon make interesting contacts here on Expat.com.

Hello again everyone! Just a quick message to say that I am coming back in Bristol at the beginning of February and staying for 2 weeks so if any of you wants to meet up, do let me know!

hello all

i'm doris and i'm from austria(vienna)i move to bristol(clifton)on the 12th of september with my english boyfriend and would love to meet new friends. i'm 30 years old and love to go out ;-)
if anyone's interested, please send me a message!

Hello, Doris. I'm Liam. Originally from Ohio in the States, but moved to England to be with my wife who's English) a little over seven years ago. Lived in London for years, but moved to Bristol last October when she took a new job here. We live in Clifton as well. Have you been to Bristol before?

Hello Liam!

I have been to Bristol before and I think it's a great City.
Can't wait to move here.

How is it to move from London to Bristol?

sounds good to me :-)