Looking for some fellow American's

Hello, my husband and I moved to Bristol from California a few years ago.  We love it here, however, with the thought of all of my friends and family back home sitting around a table eating yummy Thanksgiving Dinner I have to admit I am getting very homesick...  It would be nice to meet up with some fellow American's.:)

Hello Caligirl!

Where abouts are you in Bristol?

Welcome to Expat-blog, Caligirl :)

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Hi Caligirl!  I've just joined this site for same reason.  My third thanksgiving away from home and all i had to contend with was a turkey sandwich for lunch and seeing all the family and kids running around on skype! :/

Hi Caligirl

I'm a newbie to the site too.

Where about's in Bristol are you?


Hey, y'all!  Come join the Bristol Yankees Group tonight:  It's at the Decco Lounge, 50 Cothan Hill BS6 6JX from 5:30 to 8:30 on Tuesday 21 December.  You are more than welcome to meet with us.  We all got together and had a lovely Thanksgiving meal last month.  We try to do one event each month.  Sure would love to meet you there!