Americans in Bristol - Interested in a joint Thanksgiving this year?

Hello fellow Bristolians...

I just moved to Bristol a couple of months ago. I've been in England for about 7 years now though and although my husband is British and loves celebrating Thanksgiving with me, I was really hoping to find some other Americans who were interested in doing a joint Thanksgiving this year. Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving unless there's a houseful of people!

I tried to have a look and see if this had already been suggested, but nothing came up in my search.

If there are any interested in this, please reply and we can start talking details...

Hope to hear from you!

Same here, I wondered about Thanksgiving this year and I'm definitely up for it. Also looking into the Facebook thing, Tim! It's probably far more efficient for arranging things as the mods here didn't take me up on my thread merging suggestion. It just gets too confusing with multiple threads.

So, are you two the only ones on here or what?

Should I repost this on facebook to get a response?

Waitsjunkie, do you know of any other Americans that would be interested in a group Thanksgiving?

Tim, thanks for the invite...I've been in Devon this weekend visiting my husbands family. Please let me know when the next get together is...I'd like to try and make it if I can!

Thanks guys,