Looking for new friends in bristol!

Hi everyone !  :)

It seems that it's been a while that there was some activities on this section but I'll give it a try !

I'm French and  living in Bristol since 3 years now and realized that most of the friend that I had left to go back to their country or moved away  :(

So I decided to try to meet new people ! I've to be honest I'm quite shy... So it's not easy for me in general but I'm working on it !  :)
So if there is some people from Bristol around here keen to have a drink or other please let me know I would be happy to meet new people !  :)

Hi,i'm planning to move to bristol let's chat

Sure ! Where are living currently? When are you planning to arrived in Bristol?

Currently in nigeria ,and i'm still looking for information about there

No problem I'll send you some info my MP abouty the city ;)

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