Visa validity calculation for 180 Days Work Visit Visa(multiple entry)

Hello everyone,

I have been working in KSA on Work visit visas, before used to get 90 Days visa multiple Entry and get extension for another 30 days. Total 120 Days.  I am aware of previous Work visit visa & extension process,
But this time i got 180 Days Work visit visa in Jan '17 & i am new to this visa & validity calculations..

Just want to know is 180 days visa literally mean 180 days of validity/stay in KSA?
because when i completed my 6 multiple entries (28 days each :- 168 days)thought that my visa expired(as per previous calculations) & my company proceeded for an extension, Jawazat(MOI) replied that my visa has still 12 days more validity. I am not sure about this Validity, I suspect this validity as misunderstanding. Can anyone guide me on this visa validity Please.

Thanks in advance.

I got my work visit visa extended for 30 more days after finishing 180 Days.

Validity calculation is same as before... earlier used to get work visit visa for 90 Days (500 S.R), now it is 180 Days (3000 S.R)

visa validity calculation (180 Days work visit visa multiple entry; duration of stay 30 days):-
   1) visa valid from date of visa stamping to validity days (180 Days);
2) Last entry must be before 180th day of visa stamping.
3)  If last entry in KSA on 170th day of visa stamping visa would be valid for 30 more days i.e 170+30 = 210th day.

Find below visa example:-
Stamping date:- 18th JAN.(as per stamping date visa valid till 16th July)
First Entry date 23rd Jan
Last entry date 13th July
Visa valid till 11th Aug
Hope this is helpful for those who are all working on work visit visa.

Hello folks,
I have work visit visa with 180 days with multiple entry and duration of stay is 30 days.

Visa was stamped on 21 April 2017.
First Travel Date is 04 May 2017.

Last Entry Date is 13 September 2017.
Now for my current last entry is expiring on 12 October.
As per stamped date 180 validity is expiring on 17 October.

I will apply for extension now and can you please tell till which date it can be extended?

Hello guys I have a question.
My wife was issued a multiple visit visa with a total validity for 1825 days that is for 5 yrs with each stay being for maximum of 180 days. At the moment she is not in Saudi for around 9 months. I wanna know if staying for so long outside the kingdom will cause the visa to expire or it's simply valid for 5 yrs as mentioned on visa. Where on internet can I find it's validity or status? Thanks in advance


I am currently in KSA on 180 days work visit visa. By calculating with the stamping date, my visa is valid till 8th Aug 2018. I would like to know when is the earliest date on which i can apply for 1month extension. Is it possible to apply for extension 15 or 20 days before.
Also do i need to go back to india to get it extended.

Going out of kingdom a week ago should b fine. U don't have to necessarily go to india. Just go anywhere. Exit has to b signed on ur passport n on ur records here. Once u come back ur 180 days start from the day u entered. U can see that on absher on ur account. I hope I'm helpful. If u need more info ***

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Hi, thanks for your answers. but its not completely clear for me. I have heard that, a one month extension is possible after 180 days. But i want to know if it is possible to get this extension after (for example) 160th  day or it is only allowed to extend just before the expiry date.
Also, is it possible to get this extension from Saudi itself (without going outside KSA)

As far as I know, you can request extension only a week or so before expiry.  It is arbitrary as sometimes if their mood is good, they will do it earlier.   Your employer can do it from inside KSA - or it used to be the case when I did it.  And that was a long time ago as I moved to a 2 year or 730 days visa to get rid of all of this hassle.

Rules change here so quickly :)

Is there any procedure or documents required for 30 days extension on completing 180 days

Hi Guys n  Gals,

Salaam and Hello,

New to the forum. I needed a help from you which is somewhat related to this post. I am on a WORK VISIT VISA with a validity of 30 Days. It is about to expire in about 10 Days. During the duration of my temporary work assignment, I have come to know that the Company/Sponsor that brought me in, is not reliable in the Work Profile and Salary to be delivered Criteria. I dont wish to extend my WORK VISIT VISA and would like to return home before the validity expires.

Since some of you have already gone through the WORK VISIT VISA renewal and exit cycles, I would very much appreciate if somebody could tell me whether I would require an Exit Visa (as applicable for an Iqama Holder/Work Visa Holder) or any such documentation to exit KSA, during the valid period of my WORK VISIT VISA.

hi frnds
i got 2 years multipul visa of my mother last 2month befour can i extend my mother visa. or she want to go out side the kingdom.
pls if you have any knowladge about this reply me and suggest me
i want to extand my mother visit visa .. if possible or not.

Hi guys,

I have a visa for 180 days, every 30 days i need exit saudi and come back. So.yesterday i sent to Bahrein to exit, and i came back. But i didn't got another stamp with entry. I have one with exit, and the first stamp, that i got when i entered first time. Is it normal? Please help me.with this, in 2 days are expiring those 30 days. Thank you!

When you go via the causeway, Saudi immigration usually don't stamp the passport.  It depends on their mood.  If you were marked out and then in, in the system, it should not be a problem.


My wife came on 1 year Multiple entry visit visa on 18th of feb 2018. After 3 months, I extended through MOI for next 3 months/90days. After 180 days she went on exit and came back after some time and then before completion of 3 months/90 days she again went on exit and came again to Saudia. Now expiry date is Feb 15th, 2019(which is 90 days after entry) on MOI site. My question is Can I again extend her visa for 90 days?

Asalam.Alikum Bro,

I was on 180 days multiple Visit Visa with duration of Stay 90 days. I stamped my Visa on 15-Aug-2018, i made 1st entry on 01 Sept-2018, then i exited on 30 Nov 2018. I again come back on 8th Dec-2018...Now how many days i can stay here and when i must go for exit? plz help me out

and if duration of stay is 90 days, as per stamping my visa expiry was 11-Feb-2019. i made last entry on 8th my last day to exit is 8th March 2019?


I've same working visit 180 days and 30 day maximum stay.
My first entry was 3rd Dec, 2018 as per as per 180 days calculation it will expire 31st May, 2019 I book my ticket on 28th May, 2019

- I just wanted to verify above dates! as I know after 180 days as per date of visa issue you can't travel to KSA

- 180 days calculation will be start from first entry in KSA not visa issue date. Please confirm.

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