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I was apply datafflow 4 month ago. after 35 working days they completed psv but they did not send me final report still yet. i ask several time for my final report from dataflow.but they always reply to go saudi data verification center of SHFHS. I went there several time but they reply dont know anything. they understand only final report and suggest to contact with dataflow.dataflow is online verification thatswhy i have a big confusion. i dont know what i if you have any idea suggest me and i have one question,  can i apply dataflow verication 2nd time and how?please suggest me.

Around 4month

Where are you now located..?  If you're in the province of Saudi,  the SCFHS branch working there may not know everything.. 
Please send your concern to Tawasul..
I talked to someone with the same situation with you, and she was instructed  to go the main office at Riyadh.. She's working at Medina..

can you provide me  this guys address and mobile number and help to connect with me. it will be a a big help for me

To Whom do you mean?

Hi, how did you solve your problem? Thanks for the reply.

Hello, were you able to renew your license?

Can anyone tell me how to do the verification of my license in KSA? During my time there was no DATAFLOW. I’m currently in the USA and they want me to verify my license there in the Kingdom. I tried sending email to saudi council but it says that their inbox is full.
Please let me know if you have an idea.

Hi Everyone,

I would like to know that  I have passed pearson exam for pharmacist but rejected by Saudi Health commission, can any one help me that what i have to do,


Hi if you know someone in Riyadh you can Send them your documents for license verification. I did it for my friend in Canada for her nnas

nixia01 :

Can anyone tell me how to do the verification of my license in KSA? During my time there was no DATAFLOW. I’m currently in the USA and they want me to verify my license there in the Kingdom. I tried sending email to saudi council but it says that their inbox is full.
Please let me know if you have an idea.

Ask a friend from Saudi to do it for you

I have some related problem..... Had my dataflow verified but they did not let me take the exam because if some descripancy on my coe from ph...... Although its all true... So i worked without liscense and finish my contract..... My concern is that can i still take exam in saudi and worked again there? And  have my liscense?

We have same problem but i was able to take exam and have license  now iam about to renew but they cannot release my dataflow and stated completed but put discrepancy

So u mean i can process it even in saudi???

Have u checked what and how there is descrapancy???? Where is the problem in dataflow or in the saudi council?

My psv is already positive after adding some documents

Can i just state again... So u mean i can take prometric an have my saudi liscense even i worked in saudi for 2 without it?????

Maybe there is something wrong in one of ur document.. Eventhough ots completed it will appear in their system that there is descrepancy.. Same happened to my friend.. We once visited the saudi council documentation department and they said that her coe is still to be verified again..

Hi were you able to solve the problem?!
Thank u

Was Ur problem solved?!
Please let me know if you were able to solve this issue.

ghostpink :

There's another thing about the verification of my coe before it says work in progress now it says discontinued? 😢 whats happening? I thought it will just indicate complete or incomplete

Where you able to solve this issue?!
Please let me know!

Without sponsor can I able to apply for Dataflow verification?

So many of us here have the same problem with that local coe because many old nurses who were hired several years ago don't have experience in their country it wasn't yet a requirement before and we were still hired by the moh even without that experience. So all we had are our many years of experience in ksa... What did u do bytheway?

Hi. Were your friend able to do the reverification of her coe? What are the requirements needed by the dataflow and saudi council? I hope i can get a response. Thankyou. GODBLESS.

Good day colleagues. Anyone here who had a problem in the coe indicated "discrepancy" and needed to do the reverification dataflow? What are the requirements in order to proceed the reverification. Please help. Thankyou so much.

Hi. Were you able to get a final report of your dataflow result when it already says completed to the documents? Thankyou.

Have a nice day... i just want to ask if i can renew my saudi council if my dataflow report result is discrepancy due to Some problem n my coe... plz anyone can answer me. 🙏🏻 Thank you

Hello.. i jusr want to ask if i can renew my license if dataflow result is discrepancy bcoz of some problem in my coe... my former employer denied that o work n their hospital... but i work n their hospital but volunteer onl. Thank you

Good day i have the same problem with my dataflow, i cannot open the report becasue they required me password to open it, i dont knoq what password they are asking,. I downloaded it already but i cannot opebln,. Thank you for your help

Your date of birth is your passward

What is the format sir?, mm/dd/year?.. Thank you

With out space put ur date of birth day month year

Anyone please? How can I change my category in mumaris plus as

Health Assistant to Nurse Technician?

Did u tke an exam for nurse technician???

Yes I already take in Philippines way back 2013...I already renew my saudi council this year still the same Health Assistant Nursing

my employer has already responded to dataflow but it still in progress more than 10 days any information what in the next step they do after contacting the employer ?

May be they found any discrepancy in your application

I have same cases with you my friend, im so scared too.. due to my COE is my problem but i have saudi counsil. How can u fixed your problem??

How can i fixed that if they found discrepancy about my dataflow like my COE but my college is truth complete but my COE is incomplete.

facing same problem kindly guide me what to do know?

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