saudi data flow final report

I was apply datafflow 4 month ago. after 35 working days they completed psv but they did not send me final report still yet. i ask several time for my final report from dataflow.but they always reply to go saudi data verification center of SHFHS. I went there several time but they reply dont know anything. they understand only final report and suggest to contact with dataflow.dataflow is online verification thatswhy i have a big confusion. i dont know what i if you have any idea suggest me and i have one question,  can i apply dataflow verication 2nd time and how?please suggest me.

Around 4month

Where are you now located..?  If you're in the province of Saudi,  the SCFHS branch working there may not know everything.. 
Please send your concern to Tawasul..
I talked to someone with the same situation with you, and she was instructed  to go the main office at Riyadh.. She's working at Medina..

can you provide me  this guys address and mobile number and help to connect with me. it will be a a big help for me

To Whom do you mean?

Hi, how did you solve your problem? Thanks for the reply.

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