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Hi guys. Is there anyone here who have same experience with me? I took my prometric here in Saudi last 2015 but until now I still don't have my saudi council but I already completed my dataflow. Can someone help me? Thanks.

i have negative dataflow result.what can i do?currrently having emergency at home that needs me.what can i do?

Hi All,
I am having a bit of a prolem right now.My Data flow report does not include my employment status if it has been verified already.But the report they sent says positive(Educ and licensed verified only). I also receive an email that verification is complete and report has been forwarded to SCFHS.Will I encounter problems upon applying for licensed since the report does not include employment? What should I do?thanx.

Please tell me whats is dataflow i also received one email from saudi engineering council they have missing data .they want to meet me where  i will go with my orignal documents?

Hi how are you?

Me too what will happen next time we renew our license?

I am also worried about the data flow result because the coe is not included. Will it affect my future scfhs card renewal?

Hi dear

I need some information recently i submit my documents to saudi council of engineering and i also registered with them but from 1 week i am receiving one massage like it your information is missing please submit your request again

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if proven in data flow that the verified documents were fake, what will happen?

i have the same problem. did you go to saudi council?

When are they going to send the final report when all of the things need to be verified were already completed? The above status is still in progress. Do u have any idea?

hello may i kknow how you got your data flow report because i have the same problem. it says it is completed but can not be shared. do you think there is a problem in the verification?

Yes i went to saudi me i will tell you **** please whatsupp me

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Actually i still dont have a final report. They emailed me that I need to go to the schfs department...I dunno what is wrong. I have no idea

Did u got ur report already?

Not yet but I am still contacting about u?

I didnt contact yet.. how did you contact them? Thrue email ? Can i ask what contacts u have to tgem.. hmm coz i dont want to visit to their office.

Hello Everyone I'm New here..

I just Read all concerns, and i feel that too, we have same concerns with regards to this new rules of data flow, now, on my case about my COE the last email is: your data flow is completed but your appeal report is submitted to Saudi council we are not authorized to give details..

now, I go to SCFHS office to ask what is data flow report mean? GUYS according to SCFHS the REPORT is legal documents and its arabic, then they translate my case " it said : the data flow call your employer your previous hospital ONCE, they try again to contact but cannot reach anymore"

- if that so, then WHY data flow need to contact again if they confirm once already?- according to SCFHS maybe is incomplete information..

- I ask what should I do? they said you must do AGAIN dataflow to verify again but you must pay coz this one is done already...

NOW , i inform my HR hospital about the case, then i need to do a NEW data flow .. they give me until next renewal of Saudi council otherwise you cant renew it and no renewal of contract, or need to resign than to terminated.

most of the PROBLEM: if you received APPEAL REPORT or REPORT been submitted to SCFHS office...why?   and What To do:

1. incomplete papers
2. not enough respond by previous hospital/ working experience
3. cannot reach the contact details from your previous experience
4. you are decline by your previous working hospital
5. not the same/equal details you submit and from your previous working area
   e.q ( your  COE is 2 years and 1 month you submit, when data flow call your hospital is not the same details they give. like 2 years only)
6. no name records from your previous hospital
7. No responds until 45  working days of verification
8. have different area ( ER department you submit- but your previous hospital responds  NO he/she work in medical ward-
10. etc..

what to do:

1. you MUST go to SCFHS office- ask for what report means?
- ask for them is what to do? ( if you think you are not fake, be confident )
- Ask for any alternatives or help to clarify
2. if MUMARIS cannot be open- same go to their office, if you done registration form their website
3. go to your HR hospital - to give details  what happen, so that they aware about your case
4. if you think, your credentials is not valid, - better RESIGN or end of Contract, rather they surprise you, or terminate you or worst they will block list you from that country and fine
5. ask information from your friends, other people to have idea what to do, and etc..
6. do action first, do your best first, find solution first rather keep on stressing yourself
7. if your employer give you chance to do data flow again- then inform your previous working area everything to be aware and ready might be call them anytime.
8.  lastly, if you think you are clean, then still cannot resolve , means this is already Plan by your almighty, keep on faith maybe he has better plan for you.

don't lose Hope..

How data flow verifies your document? Any idea what is procedure. What documents needs to be verified by data flow and should they be attested by saudi embassy in pak before you do data flow here???

how DATA FLOW verifies your Documents? :   as far i know.....

1. every country have a representative to contact them connected to data flow
   : what their jobs:
- they have a list of registered hospitals, schools, government, once you apply, data flow  representative on that certain country look for the list that you working for, then they will call that Ex. hospital, they have contact numbers on list, that's why sometimes they will ask you for any other contact details
- Representative will give information back to data flow main office once completed,
2. data flow new RULES: before they will email you about your case,report ex. incomplete, decline and etc..but NOW: everything will directly forwarded to ex. for nurses -SCFHS , that's why the email you received. ' data flow completed but your appeal report been submitted to SCFHS office you may visit their office. we are not authorized to give details.


I was having the same problem as yours last month but today I just got another email.. Coe will be under another report number.

Hi. What do you mean with control number?

I am having problems regarding my application for data flow, when i tried submitting my form online, a red dialog box appears showing "credentials is being used by another e acount". What seems to be the problem here? Please help. Thank you

Hello. May i know what happended to your complain? Did the data flow center wrote complete or incomplete in your data?

Hello. May i know what happended to your complain? Did the data flow center wrote complete or incomplete in your data?

Mine was complete but i wasnt able to obtain report

We have the same problem... so what did you do madam?

Until now i dont know what to do. My aunt tried to call the scfhs but they told her that it was personal and that I should be the one to come to the office. But i still dont know coz Im not in the kingdom now.

Ok... so they let you go for vacation even if your data flow is not yet ok?

Good morning.. have you got your result already? Can you tell me please how to request a copy of the result. Thank you

means, your documents submitted USED by other applicants..ita querry ,,you must go to SCFHS office for the report

Hello.. how did you know that you have a negative data flow result? Did they send you a document?

Yes its personal, you have to go to office of SCFHS, if you're not in Kingdom then its a problem because they don't entertain other significant or via email

We are having the same problem... did you get your verified documents already?

data flow now will not inform you NEGATIVE in their email...the email will be like this: verification is completed your "Report Appeal submitted to SCFHS, we are not authorized to give the report please you may VISIT the SCFHS office" ASAP.

Here was my problem... my license was renewed, but then when MOH came they are telling that their is a problem with my coe.. so now i did a message via email requesting for verified copy of my documents if their is something wrong... coz the status written their was complete but it is more than 48hrs already but no reply until now

Oh i see.. then that would only be the time that i can request for re verification?

I already have my saudi council license. But my contract was already finished ang i exited saudi already.

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