transferring of iqama to my husband

what are the procedures in transferring my iqama to my husband..i work as a household worker service..

You have to submit following proof at ZAwajat
1) Chamberised Arabic translation of your marriage proof
2) Permission of sponsor transfer from you present Sponsor
3) Copy of your present Iqama
4) Copy of your husband Iqama
5) 5 Passport size photograh ( You/ You Spouse)

You need to submit these all attachment with a affidavit visit Jawajat and meet some lawyer ,sitting out side these
Good Luck

Hi may i know what happen after transfering? I also transfer sponsorship under my husband but not dependent stil house worker in my iqama . Can u tel me me why? Thanks

If you are dependent on your husband sponsorship ...You shall get  a iqama with written ...Mehram XYZ ." House wife Not allowed to work" 

Please check why the status has not been changed

Tnx for tye reply brother. What if i stil continue visa as a house worker . To avoid dependents fee theres no problem in saudi immigration having vacation together with my daughter which is dependent on my husband

That  is not a problem at all Tt is more safer way to stay in kingdom of Saudi Arabia ..Practically You shall transfer to your husband's sponsorship if you loose a job  and want to stay to search new
Viceversa Your husband can be  transferred to your sponsorship ,if he is terminated by any reason and want to say in KSA .....
From where you are ...what is your job category...what is your husband job category ...write your situation in detail..Then I can suggest better

Thankyou brother. Actualy wen i came here i used a working visa as qadama but im not working i stay at home because last previous sponsor of my husband told me its easy and faster to get here . Past forward my husband transfer sponsorship. Previously i transfer sponsorhip unde4 my husband but we expect that transfering sponsorship under my husbnd i become dependent . But wen i check to moi i only transferint sponsorhip under his name but my work as house workes does not change. My husbnad work as project manager. And i dont have plans to work because inhave baby to take care

It means you do not have a issue with your status ...
ok take care

I got married in saudia but my profession is house driver so how can i transfer my wife iqama she is also in saudia

It's is true if your salary is lower than 5000 riyals, you can't  not apply a dependent of your wife

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Sometime ago we both went on vacation and got married in Bangladesh, Both work in different companies, and are of different nationalities, as per Bangladesh rule we both got married and came back to Saudi, I have all marriage documents, but my wife's company didn't allow to meet  Gave, please guide me

Thank you

How can i transfer my iqama from work to my husband online