Tawakkalna Mobile Number Change *URGENTLY*

Dear all,

I am in urgent need of your help and support on this one.

My brother in law is currently at the Yemen Saudi Border waiting for his entry. He is facing a huge issue related his Tawakkalna and Absher Account. His SIM Card got damaged and is now unusable which means that he can't receive any calls or messages on this number. The problem is that the number is linked to his Tawakkalna and Absher Account which both can't be opened anymore. The border customs refused his entry due to him being unable to provide his Tawakkalna and show them that he took the vaccines and is immune. I already went to the police in Riyadh as well as the Jawazat and nobody was able to help me. STC refused to reissue a new SIM card on this number because of the mandatory fingerprint scan. My brother in law is waiting on the border since almost 2 days already and we are out of ideas right now.

Please could someone give us advice on what to do and how to enable him to enter the Kingdom. I have already lost my mind over the past 2 days trying to figure out this issue. I have been calling the Tawakkalna Call Center for 2 consecutive days in a row and they never pick up the phone nor answer any emails.

I need your urgent support on this one you guys!

Thanks in advance

Laura ❤️

Dear I think in Abshar account you can give access to another Saudi Number, but any how I am working in STC, I will check here what is the another solution for you,

sorry about the situation of your brother in law. he must be really exhausted and i that hope he can make it soon.
You can contact Tawakkalna through twitter and they will reply to you immediately.  Another solution i can think from top of my head is to issue a new sim and ask stc or tawakkalna to transfer the data to new sim. There are a few groups in FB that had tawakkalna discussed, you can join and ask. Groups like blueaaya etc. wish you all the best.

What number did you call for tawakkalna? was it 8001289999? If not try them, they answered me every time I called.

Hey dear, I called the same exact number you have mentioned and I never got an answer. I was just waiting in line for hours and hours but nobody ever picked up the phone..


My brother in law finally managed to return to the Kingdom after going through a lot for the past couple of days!

Thanks to everyone for your support and help, it meant a lot to us ❤️

I am getting error while registering for Tawakkana new user. Because my spouse and child is coming first time with residency VISA and getting difficulty to register them. Any support please. Thank you.

Saw this late.   There is a few ways that could work in such a situation (if someone else faces this):

1) Take a print out of your vaccination certificate from Sehatty - that comes with a QR code and keep that with you. This helps in situations as above
2) If you are logged into Tawakkalna already (i.e. you don't need sms to verify), use data from another sim or portable wifi to update and show the status

Good day I have now same situation from Kuwait and going back to Saudi. How are you able to solve the problem. Thanks

How did you rectify the issue pls share with us

I'm facing the same issue now

How can I open my tawakkalna account without my sim card/stc number?

What I need to retrieve my tawakkalna account without my number?
Because my simcard is missing.

Good day. How did you manage to rectify maam?? I am facing same situation.

Dear sir ,

I am in India and lost my SIm ..

I cannot open Tawakkalna

how can i login to to tawakkalna without SIM

Is it possbile to register tawakkalna on new sim using some other person absher account for certifying mobile number

please advice as they are asking tawakkalna in india before boarding

please advice on how did he return

Hello, how did you solve your issue, pls share.

i lost my simcard and cannot open the tawakalna app. i'm on vacation

How you done it, I have the same problem

Logging into a friend's account. ( new number not activated on absher before you can by new sin with your name on it )
Click on the services from the lower bar.
Move to public service rankings.
Select Mobile Number Identification Service.
Pressure on someone else's identification service.
Write the ID number or enter the residence number.
Enter the date of birth and then write the mobile number.
Go ahead and press the next.
Follow the instructions to confirm the definition of the mobile number.

I'm also facing same problem. I'm a nurse and already took 2 doses of vaccine. I went here in Philippines last Nov 3 for vacation and lost my phone and simcard. My flight supposed to be last January 6 but they didn't allowed me to travel since I don't have any documents that proof that I already immuned. Plss help me. I can't open my tawakalha, absher and sehatty.

E mail them

They have e mail . More faster

[email protected]

Mobile number can be updated in two ways in Absher, One is through Self service machine where you need to use fingerprint and the other way is through website itself, when you have working number. You can read more on it through below link.
https://www.saudi-expatriates.com/2022/ … losed.html

@XTang how to access my sehatty account if i lost my Saudi simcard?