Hi all can someone give me any advice.

I am an OFW in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My employer issued exit visa for me finished contract here. Can I enter Dubai  United Arab Emirates directly from Riyadh? Is it okay for me to go directly than going back to my country. Hope anyone can give me an idea/information about this. Thanks everyone


KSA will not be concerned where you are going. No country is responsible outside their borders. The only concern they will have is you leave their borders on Final Exit Visa within time and according to procedures.

If you want to go to any country from Saudi Arabia, you should have either prior visa, visa on arrival or even no visa (if your nationality is exempted from visa process).

So in your case, better to apply for UAE visa before travelling; unless you can get visa-on-arrival or doesn't required visa.

Hope this helps.

Thank you So much for your reply it helps me a lot for worrying this issue. Have a great lovely day 😉.


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