how to make Electronic chamber in my visit visa application

i am requested a family visit visa. i have received the application but now the Riyadh chamber is not timbering visa services. they said only your saudi person can do the electronic cambering through online. but my Saudi person  he don't know about the electronic chagrining in online. any one please explain how to do electronic cambering in online.?

hlo sir, how can i  my visiting visa application will get it chambered electronically?

No one exact procedure for this? Plz update if anyone knows

It is kinda complicated .. in fact it depends on your Kafeel who suppose to have Chamber Online services ( he must register online first) then recharge his online services in order to get your visa request letter approved electronically into their system!

how to make Electronic chamber in my visit visa application


it is not complicated, each company is registered to Chamber online. They will putt the visa number and pay SAR 30 and after 15-30 min check on the visa status and it will say that it was stamped by the chamber of commerce.

Good luck

Assalamwalaikum if company is not doing chambering for visit visa,den is there any other way?

Asslam o alikum how to put money in chamber account, anybody knows  this services plz tell me
full detail

Chamber of commerce only for company owners, establishments, and citizens only.   you can't do yourself.

Basics , add money ,   select your payment option,  Debit, credit,saddad that all

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