Moving to Grimstad, buying a used car

Hello, we are a Canadian family, with 3 kids. My wife begins work soon at Agder U in Grimstad. So we need now to begin searching for a rural house (between Arendal and Grimstad) to rent and used car to buy. It seems best / cheapest to buy a used car once in Norway, which means registering w an address. That means signing a house lease first. Not ideal ! We need use of the car to search out best house... Thanks alot for any advice. Cheers, marc … ='3485563' value='28824'>[link under review]. It's a marketplace for cars, real estate, rentals, boat and everything else you need. Both new and used items.

This is the Norwegian version og craigslist, but way better user interference.

The link below is all the available rentals in and around Grimstad and the surrounding "kommuner" (counties?) … p;filters=

However, you can also live in Kristiansand. There are lots of commuters between Grimstad and Kristiansand. It's very good bus connections and the highway is of good standard.

About the car issue: Why don't you rent a car the first month or so? It might cost a little, but it will be much easier for you. You can drive around and look at several cars when you and you can find a car to buy. You don't want to buy a car without seeing it first. It's super expensive to buy and own a car in Norway. If you get any problems with the car and have to take it to a garage they will empty your wallet real quick.

Price example new cars:
2017 Ford Edge in Canada costs from 33199 CAD
2017 Ford Edge in Norway costs from about 95000 CAD.

I think you can rent a car for about 6000-9000 kroner each month depending on what car you choose.

Monthly rental car rental: … anedsleie#

The websites are in norwegian, but you can use Google Chrome to translate the websites for you.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you need some help. I live just about an hour drive from Grimstad!

Thanks alot Jonpeder.

Great advice. yes, renting initially is a good option. while searching !

you mention busses.
Public busses exist btw Fevik and Grimstad for example !?

If i may ask further, i assume that, while buying a used car in N is painful, re-selling it again 2 years later will at least also be at exaggerated Norwegian value, meaning in my favour to recoup some of the pain.

I looked up some details on Norway State web on how to calculate the estimated customs cost of importing a used car. they oblige me to input the Norwegian used car value equivalent, the Norwegian cost of that car bought new, ...  Some such info is only available from tax offices in Norway. oh boy ! Really discouraging to bring in a used car. so i probably will wait to buy in Norway only.


Bus system:
The public bus systems in Norway is generally very good. There are some rural areas with poor connections, but if you are going to live somewhere between Arendal - Grimstad - Kristiansand I assume there will be connections are good, especially in the "rush hours".

However, you can't expect direct buses. You might have to take a bus to a public transportation hub and take another bus from there.

The above link is to Agder Public Transportation System. You can plot in the adress you want to check out.

If your wife is going to work at University of Agder, Grimstad you can write "UIA Grimstad" in the bus travel planner.

Buying car:
You will get back some of the money when you sell the car, but you will of course loose a little.
If you import a car to Norway and want to register it in Norway and get Norwegian license plates you have to pay all the fees anyway. And the Norwegian Krone has a really low value now, so if you're going to get your wages paid in Norwegian Krone I wouldn't bother importing a car. It's too much work and you might not save any money at all.

There might be possible to bring your own car from Canada, and use it with Canadian license plates. But that depends on how long you're going to live here. You can use your Canadian car if your're not going to stay here more than two years.

Check this link: … d-vehicle/

It's Skatteetaten's (The Norwegian Tax Administration) website.

It might actually be cheaper to bring your own car from Canada.

I don't know the rules, but it might be some technical requirements your car must meet before you can use it in Norway.

How much money do you want to spend on a car?
How much money do you want to spend on an appartement/house?
Where do you want to live?
How do you want to live? (single family home, appartment)
When do you come to Norway?

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