Buying a car in Norway


To be able to move in Norway, a lot of expatriates think of buying a car, whether new or second-hand.

What are the formalities to buy a vehicle in Norway: car registration, insurance, etc.?

What are the relevant authorities or organizations to contact?

How long does it take and what are the associated costs?

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Buying and running a car in Norway is horrendously expensive. I would recommend avoiding it if at all possible.

You can read a bit more about rules at Statens Vegvesen (the government agency in charge) at


New cars are pretty expensive due to applied taxes

however used cars are usually affordable (but watch out of maintenance cost) it is very expensive too,

there is a periodic inspection for the car called (EU Control), after 4 years for the new car, and then every 2 years, this control and inspection approves the car to be used for 2 more years.

so it is smart if you are buying a used car to check the car approval condition (EU control status)

used cars prices depend on:
year of production
Kilometers used (more kilometers, cheaper price)
and of course car condition.

registering a used car on your name costs approx 1500 NOK (might vary from model to model not sure)

there is also obligatory car insurance that must be obtained before you can drive your car. this covers possible damage you may cause for the other persons or their belongings

then you have to decide your personal coverage insurance based on your budget, the standard deduction for the first insurance register is 20%, however you can negotiate to reach a better percentage, you will automatically get 10% deduction for each annual renewal ( as long as you did not use ur insurance points to cover a damage)

maximum deduction is 75%, this represents the minimum possible insurance payment,

there is annual road toll (tax) collected in March-April each year, depends on your car model, but it is approx ( 3000 - 4000 NOK)

then several roads are equipped with Toll cameras, which means you are paying toll each time you pass the camera in a specific direction.

One important thing to consider is parking, if you do not have a private garage, or parking space then to park in the assigned parking zones you will have to get a parking card, after paying the applied fees.

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