Drink driving and insurance

I have lived in Norway for a few years now me and my partner borrow her mums car to go on trips but she drives. Does any one know if or how a drink driving conviction would effect me doing so? Also how does car insurance work here? Is it the car or person that's insured. Any help will be much appreciated. Liam

hi ryancampbell616,

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The insurance works so as the car is insured and allows you to lend the car to somebody as long as this person is not the usual driver. Some insurance has a limit on age and the occasional driver should be above 25 y. o.

As for past conviction for traffic related offense, includign drink driving, they don't play a role in getting an insurance. the insurance company will not ask such questions.

Hi Liam,

A drink driving conviction shouldn't be any block on borrowing a car - provided that you are still in possession of a full driving licence.  If you are currently disqualified from driving in the UK, this disqualification will also be active in Norway. 

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