Driving license in Norway

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Can a foreigner take the driving test in Norway?

What are the formalities to get a driver’s licence in Norway?

Do you need special or extra documents being an expatriate?

How much does it cost?

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There is information about driving license exchange here:
http://www.nyinorge.no/en/Familiegjenfo … s-licence/

if you're coming from outside EEA countries, the rules for exchange are different. Some countries are able to switch their license within the first year by only taking a practical exam, other countries have to do the whole process from start to finish, which includes night driving, skid driving, and first aid courses. If you're in the group that can exchange, it's MUCH cheaper to do it the first year, so don't wait!

A few points for those exchanging:
-it's best to go to your local vegvesen within the first three months of registering your legal address. They will give you a temporary driving permit in exchange for your original license.
-The practical test must be taken with a car from a driving school, not just anyone's car.
-There are some random questions they may ask before the test begins, so it is very useful to have an extra lesson or three to get used to the car and so the driving teacher can give you pointers.
-The priority-to-the-right rule is very confusing for some new-to-norway drivers, as are the rules for roundabouts. It's highly recommended to take some lessons with a driving teacher to get used to these.
-If you don't take the practical test with a manual transmission car, you will get a license that ONLY allows you to drive automatic cars.

documentwise, for the license exchange you need:
-the license (not expired)
-a bostedsattest (you can get this from the tax office- it confirms your legal residence in Norway)
-if you wear glasses, a certificate confirming you can see. This can be acquired at your fastlege or an optician.
-if you have any medical condition that might impair your driving, a medical certificate.
-ID with both picture and your Norwegian ID number. If you don't have this, bring a passport.

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I've now finished the conversion process. Some more info:
-the practical exam costs around 900kr (separate from the fee you have to pay the driving school to rent the car)
-the test is about 1.5 hours, with about 45 min to an hour of actual driving
-the license itself costs around 300kr. Once you pass, you get a piece of paper that serves as a temporary driving permit. They take a photo of you for the license and it arrives in the post by mail within a week or two.

Also, if you don't pass the exam, or don't take the practical exam within the first year, you have to do more tests (night driving, theory test, some other things) if you want to exchange the license before your second year is up. After year 2, you have to do everything from scratch.

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