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My wife, who is Norwegian and I, might be moving to Norway this summer. I have been quite fortunate that my US car insurance company also covers me while we live here in the UK.  However, they will not cover me in Norway, and so will have to use a Norwegian company when we buy a Norwegian car.

So, far, the Norwegian car insurance company 'IF' will accept my no claims bonus.  Does anyone know of any other car insurance companies that will accept my driving record from the UK/US?


Sure, they all accept it prevailing you have a letter from your previous insurance company in English which follow some kind of european standards. I can recommend CODAN that gives some pretty low prices but others must also be competitive.

I appreciate the reply.  Unfortunately, they won't all accept my driving record.  Gjensidge has already told me that they won't accept it, while IF will.  I'm still waiting for others to write me back.  So far, it seems that it depends on the company.


We have just moved to Norway and our jaws dropped when we were quoted how much it would cost us to import our 2004 Ford Focus.  We took the plunge and have bought a car here.  Just waiting to get the personal number and then will need to get insurance... Can anyone recommend insurance companies in Norway.  Have 7 plus years no claims bonus with UK based car insurance.



Hi, just got here from Nottingham this summer.  Yes, unlike most other European countries, where if you've owned the car for at least 6 months you don't have to pay a import duty, Norway probably charged you around NOK 35-50,000 to import your 2004 Focus(they wanted to charge use 27,000 for our 1999 Focus).

The only way you can get your discount for car insurance is to get your insurance company in the UK to write a letter documenting your driving record.  Most Norwegian car insurance companies will accept it with the exception of Gjensidge which will not.

Here is a Norwegian website that will give a comparison search for the best insurance prices.  Norway doesn't really have many sites like or GoCompare in the UK.

I hope that helps.  Feel free to write again if you would like more info.  Remember, if you use Gogle Chrome and download the translator extension you can translate some of the questions.

Good Luck!


Hi Jeremy,

Many thanks for your reply.  Where are you based?

You're welcome. We are in Bergen.

How long have you been in Norway?  My husband just started with Shell.  I have to give half a terms notice at my School in London, so won't be able to come out properly until January - I hear it's the best time in Norway!

Getting used to the prices will take a while I think... Might stock up back in UK and bring it out...

What do you both do?



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