Empty Page Requirements for New CPR and Saudi Business Visa

Hi Guys,

I am in a bit of a peculiar situation.

My employment is currently being transferred in Bahrain and also a business visa being applied for Saudi. I hold a British passport and I have noticed that I only have one side of a page empty.

Can anyone advise if this will be an issue and how many pages are required? Should I apply for a new passport? All of this takes time and I need to be in Saudi for a project kick off.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi U_BH,

I don't know about the Bahrain side of things, but I think you will find that to get the Saudi visa you will need 2 clean pages, opposite each other, at least that's the case with the Saudi embassy in London.

Good luck.


Yes i agree with Mythril's comment, i was asked to have atleast 2 clean pages when applying for saudi visa. One page for the visa sticker and other for stamp i believe.


Yes you will need two pages blank minimum, one is for the business VISA sticker which takes up one full page, the other page is required for customs who will hand write a number there and place an 'entry' stamp on your first visit on that visa.

Best bet is too fly back to UK for a weekend and get a 'same day' passport.

Thanks guys, already back in London and waiting for my Passport to return!

I came here in bahrain under visit visa.
I applied in hospital as nurse. I Signed the contract. They applied me for NHRA license which is a long process.
Im done with lmra biometrics.
I have a work visa stamped in my passport.
Im done with medical.
I gave my passport to the HR for application of CPR. On process just today.
Why is it that they are not allowing me to start working?

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