Eid Al-Adha

If your new to Indonesia and are wondering why there are simply loads of goats, cows and buffalo tied up everywhere with families and children staring and pulling at them, it is because tomorrow is the Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Ibraham or Abraham to follow Allah's command to sacrifice his son Ishmael and they will be slaughtered as part of their belief.

People buy a goat, cow or buffalo and then have it slaughtered for the sacrifice and the meat is given to the local poor people. It is also when the main pilgrimage to Mecca often begins.

It's a tradition here and always has been. However if you are not into watching animals being killed and skinned as you wander around the city then best stay in tomorrow. It's not everyone's cup of tea but it is a very important day for Muslims. However most of the animals are butchered near mosque's and behind fences but should you turn up with a camera I am sure the butchers will smile for you.

A goat costs from just over a 1 million and the sky is the limit for cows and buffalo's depending what kind you want to donate.

You'll also get a load of kids wandering the streets singing Islamic bits and bobs this evening.
Goat meat is excellent, we pretty much all know cow, but buffalo is killer. The meat is terrific and very much worth a try.

As a note; it's always nice to be nice, so a donation to an orphanage of either cash or meat is an excellent idea.

Thanks for posting Luke.

We always give the meat we receive to the street head so he can give it to someone else. Mind should some to rump end up at the gate I might have to take it and eat it quick! But alas it will be goat again...

As a poor chap, I generally eat the meat, especially if it's goat.
I haven't had buffalo in ages so I might have a wander around in the morning to see what's available.
Most will be spoken for, but a kindly soul might just let me have a little in exchange for a nice donation.

Here are the unfortunate beasts.




The empty spaces were occupied by the ones that didn't make it up to the point I took the photos.


The slaughter is quick, but many people won't want to click onto this youtube link as blood is free flowing in vivid colour.


We went to Domino's but it took 20 minutes for a 5 minute trip as nearly all the roads into my area were shut due to the amount of animals waiting and the roads were opened after 4. This year the roads and areas where the livestock were kept had been washed down and clean as the men worked which was nice.
A very peaceful day.

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