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Good day everyone,
It's been a month that I've moved in a new home.
And I noticed that there were some walls that were dirty, the painting is peeling off and same for the roof from the usage of previous tenant I guess; there are also few things to fix in the toilet and so on.
I warned my landlord about it when I gave him the rent and wanted him to fix all before he blames me for it.
I heard there was something calls "wesh nadafa" in this particular case (excuse the spelling ); And wanted to know what it was about exactly in terms of landlord legal obligations, what are the limits , do I have to pay something whatsover etc...
Thank you in advance for your input on this.


If he will do the west nadafa which means they will give the wall only one roll of painting if the landlord will do it you will not pay any thing maybe some tips for the workers
The important thing what is written in the contract

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Good day,

Thank you for your reply
Alright I understand.

Thank you once again !

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