Looking for Housesitting/Caretaker Couple in Paradise

Hello All!

I'm looking for a year-round house-sitting/caretaker couple for Finca Bambu on Boca Brava Island by Boca Chica, Chiriqui.  He: handy all-rounder - house and garden; She: All-rounder - cooking and cleaning;  For You: Monthly income and Free brand-new, private 2-bedroom Guesthouse on grounds;
Reliable, independent couple to represent absentee owner.
Email: ***

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Hi JFM1 and welcome to Expat.com :)

Can you please post this job offer in the Panama job offers > personal and household services here : https://www.expat.com/en/jobs/central-america/panama/ ?

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Thank you for your reply< betsie and Abie,

Here is some additional information.

My property, Finca Bambu is a 5-acre lot directly on the water on Boca Brava Island including beachfront. Boca Brava Island is located across from Boca Chica Village in Chiriqui. Everything on the grounds will be brand-new. There is a main house, 2 smaller studios with kitchenettes, a pool, tennis court with small tennis cabana, and a privately-located Caretaker/Guest-house on the grounds. The construction will be completed in January 2017 with scheduled February 2017 move-in date.

I will not be living there permanently and will be visiting sporadically for weeks at a time, initially totally not more than 3-6 months/year (spread out over the year).

I am looking for a reliable and independent couple long-term, who will live on the grounds all-year. As I mentioned in the ad: someone who is handy in the garden and house, responsible for general maintenance, as well as someone who likes to cook and will monitor the cleaning. In my absence, it is important to have someone on the property to represent me, keep an eye on everything, for general upkeep and security purposes. A driver’s license is necessary.

I would provide the brand-new apartment  free of charge. You will receive monthly income plus a monthly utility fee (water, electricity, cable, and internet). There are brand-new electrical, cable, internet water systems of high US standards.

Since you owned your own house and land, are you looking into buying another property. Boca Brava is another beautiful cornerof Pamama paradise, howoever, I am not selling anything at this time.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions. I would appreciate hearing more about you and your Panama intentions at your convenience.

All the best,
Jodi Mays

My wife and I may be interested. We are retired and have spent three months in the Volcan area.  We will be house sitting in Volcan mid October to December, then will be house sitting in Costa Rica for the month of December. After that we do not have anything scheduled.    Gardening, cooking and minor maintenance is in our skill base.  We do have property in the US and will need to arrange time to go back occasionally.  Happy to discuss this in detail and provide references. 


M. D. Egerman

Thank you for the response, We will email you directly to continue with questions.




My wife and I are taking a early retirement and plan on moving to Panama in Jan or Feb of 2017. This House sit sounds very interesting, I am a forest Tech and an avid gardener, my wife in a social worker and is very good at taking care of the home and is an excellent cook ( she enjoys cooking for others).
The only thing holding us up right now is, we have to sell our house before we move. Our house sits on 12 acres which I take pride in keeping it looking great.
If you are interested, you can contact us at any time at ***

Barry Martin

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2005 – 2008 ­ CENTRAL AMERICA (Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua) and
BRAZIL working with local O.N.G. (Preserving endangered species, native
communities and territories) and working at Resort, Restaurants and Inns.
2008 – 2011:  ITALY­Lake Garda
Managing Directors of Restaurant/Pizzeria/Campsite overlooking the Lake
September 2011­July 2012: MEXICO­Hollbox Island, Quintana Roo
ECO RESORT CHIMAY 5 star (2 hectares property) front of the beach.
Our responsibility:
Luglio 2012 – November 2012: BELIZE­Placencia,
Ltd .RESORT ADVENTURES KAYAAK CLUB 4 star, beach front, in the role
of Housekeeping /Innkeepers/Caretaker.
November 2012 – April 2013 : PANAMA ' – Arcipelag Pearls Islands (Pacific coast)
Bed and Breakfast, individual properties and rental Business vehicles (ATV) in the role
of Manager responsible for staff management, Innkeepers Housekeepers, Caretaker.
April 2013 – July 2013 : PANAMA ' – San Blass Islands
Archipelago consisting of more than 400 islands in the
Caribbean Sea in Guna Yala Indigenous Communities (Second smallest tribes in the
world after the Pygmies)
July 2013 – October 2014: PANAMA – Azuero peninsula.
Bed and Breakfast LA BUSSOLA – owners/administrators
Begin to work with Booking.com
(See travelers reviews:LaBussolaB&B, Las Escobas de el Venao, PEDASI)
November 2014 – August 2015 : PANAMA’­ Santa Catalina – National Park of
Coiba –
MANAGERS Hotel&Restaurant – PADI Resort (Lonley Planet,Ulysse,Trip Advisor,
Facebook, Booking.com). Approximately propreties of 2 ha sea front. Private beach
and free space for camping
September 2015 – Actually : PANAMA’ – Santa Fe de Ver aguas
Currently we live in a small town in the mountain.

Hi everyone,

@ angorwat, you should probably drop your cv in the proper section of the website so that interested members may contact you.

Jobs in Panama

All the best,

How much is the salary?

Thank you for your inquiry. The position has been filled.

I just signed up for this forum after seeing your post. I am a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer and my husband is a retired real estate agent who worked in Utah and California. We also ran an Airbnb of our own and have amazing reviews, We are interested but need to check it out first and see exactly what it is like on this island and what the accommodations would be etc..

Check the date. That post is over a year old. Boca Brava is a great place to visit though.

We will be arriving the 1st of October. Pm me with further details and we will come to see you.

Sounds good! Perfect timing........ ***

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Thank you for your inquiry. I filled the post already. Good luck.

Hi! I've just joined up to expat and seen this amazing opportunity! I wondered if it is still available? As my boyfriend and I are very interested! I will provide further information if it is.

We have been traveling Mexico and Guatemala for the last 4 months with a view to possibly one day running/owning our own business somewhere in Central America. The right place/opportunity hasn't arisen yet, and so when I saw your advert it really intrigued me! Having such an opportunity would be a great experience and also a great insight to life in Panama! We are both still young (well 37 & 35!!!) so have plenty of time on our hands and have no rush to commit to anything else!
We are happy to come to and meet you and could be there as early as next week if need be?! I would just like a few more details on the pay, duties and responsibilities etc before we commit to anything. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks very much for the reply.

Did you receive my reply?!?

Sorry your last message was a bit confusing! So you don't pay a wage? Do you rent the place out when you're not there?? Is there much going on in the area? Thanks

You could always pay them $300 a month salary, and charge rent of $350.

Hey, now theres an idea. Why didnt I think of that myself?  As to the question of is there much goin on in the area, all I can tell you, is that it is country.......And country is quiet, and peaceful, and clean. Nobody bothers you......The bad guyz are almost all down below in the cities which are noisy, full of traffic and garbage on the streets, but of course where all the commercial interests are. Shopping is pretty good in David. Its now a 24/7 kine city.......Some pretty extensive malls and an even bigger one goin up now......35 min from the house......25 to Concepcion which is a smaller city, but with plenty of commerce and shopping......I prefer to go there unless theres something I just cant find or do outside of David, which is often the case........David is the fastest growing city in all of Central America, and is a rich center of commerce.......It could use an asthetic facelift, but all in all, its not bad......There are good services there............house is on bus routes, but a car is optimal......I wouldnt want to live without one......If you live in the city, you dont need one.......

Thank you for your reply. I already filled this position. Good luck.

Yes JF, we know....In case you didnt notice the post has evolved since you started it..........I know what youre thinking........"start your own post why dontcha"........haha.........why, when yours was fired back up out of the blue? Same subject matter, different location..........same province tho......

Hey there,

My Husband & I are looking for a place to maintain in Panama from mid december.
We are newly weds, looking to start a life in Panama and gain skills in maintaining property & gardening. We are both clever, hard workers that are super stoked about finding a great place & caring for it.
Would love to hear from you,

I appreciate your interst folks.......And we can explore the possibility later.....But I need somebody for right now ideally.....I am ready to take a break now, and would like to be out for 2-3 months.........So Dec is a bit far out now............But keep in touch and we will see how it goes.......

Hello there - That position was filled a while ... somehow someone got the post back into the thread. If something changes with my current situation, I will keep you in mind. Good luck with your new chapter ...

Would you consider a single senior female for the position. I'm willing and able to do the work.

I would, but do you speak Spanish?  This is full immersion here......Boquete is not far off as the crow flies, but still, thisis another world....That is gringolandia and this is country Chiriqui.........Are you here in Panama now?

My wife and I are in Alto Boquete right now but we are interested.

We both speak English, French, Swahili and Spanish.

Where abouts are you?


Guayabal de Boqueron on La Ruta Sur, 13 km marker......before the bajada to Rio Piedra........how long are you planning on staying here in Chiriqui?  ***

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We are working on our residency. Does cable onda teach your house?

Yes, I have a car.

We just arrived in Boquete in October as our dena needed her house in Gualaca. We have lived in Gualaca for a couple of years. Before that in Cerro Punta.

Looking at 6 months right now. Perhaps longer. We have our temporary residency now.

How long do you need someone to be in your house?

We don't smoke. I know the Orange Blossom highway. It's very beautiful. My concern is how strong the MoviStar signal is especially for an Internet connection.

MoviStar is strong here....Actually all phone signals are strong....its just the Claro internet modem which comes in and out.......No problem at all with Movistar phone internet.......

That's good!

***........Call me and come over and see the place and we can talk........

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Sounds good. Could you send me some pic of your house?

If we can't make the move, I may know of someone else (very responsible) that could.

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