Buying a car in Palmerston North.

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We, a family of three, moving to Palmerston North in September. Im holding an international license from Oman (Middle East). Can somebody shed a quick light on tips and advises to purchase an economical car in the related area.

What is the general procedure of selecting a car and transferring on the buyer's name with insurance.

Looking forward for related replies.

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Take a look around car yards.The dealer will do the paperwork for the transfer.
If buying privately the seller will have to do the transfer.
Insurance will be your responsibility.

There are many websites in NZ that you can find on Google to give you an idea of vehicle types, prices etc.

Thank you Stumpy!

One thing that I was a bit concerned is, that can we purchase the car in Aukland and take  it to Palmerston North. How much time does it take usually to transfer the vehicle ownership from one to another.


Can be done in a day. Car dealers can do it in hours.

stumpy wrote:

Can be done in a day. Car dealers can do it in hours.

Great! Thanks again.

Though I have been able to track plenty of online websites for used cars sell/purchase. Wonder if you know any!

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you can also get ahold off AA they do car checks and vehicle history to make sure you are purchasing a good car for around $169 it includes everything down to how many owners etc

good luck

Thanks Jean for the advice. Appreciate that.

My plan is to probably purchase one from Aukland and take it to Palmerston North (Where I would be possibly staying). Don't know if its a good idea, however a few known ones have done the same.