Cheap fly tickets asia - new zealand

hello, im bart from the netherlands and im planning a long long long holiday, but im searching for a site were i can book cheap fly tickets from asia to new zealand. because a lot of different prices. what is the cheapest way ??

Google 'cheap flights asia to new zealand'

i mean somebody has a good tip? because a lots of different prices and maybe know somebody a cheap flycompany from asia to new zealand.

Asia is a big place so where are you flying from. Bangkok, Singapore, Hongkong,Saigon, Vientiane, Ulan Bataar to nmae a few places.
Where to in NZ. Auckland Wellington or Christchurch.

i have no time limit, so i can go anywhere in asia, and with airasia is it always cheap to fly in asia. im only curious what the ceapest way to new zealand is. and not swimming ....

Air Asia do not fly into NZ. 
The cheaper airlines like Air Asia and Scoot Airlines fly into Australia.
You would have to then fly onward from Australia.
Both these airlines fly into Gold Coast Australia, from there you can get a flight to NZ. 
Virgin Australia fly from some Asian destinations and then onward to NZ.
Have you considered getting a round the world fare. You have to go around the one way, no doubling back, usually 5 stopovers and valid for a year.