meeting people - gay couple in Budapest for socializing

This may not be a good place to ask this question, but not sure where else to ask.
I've just been offered a job in Budapest
We are a gay couple in our 50s
In the US and the UK where we have lived, there are gay social organizations - sports groups,
outdoor activities, book groups, theatre clubs, etc. When I google this in Budapest, all I find
are bars and places for sex
Are there social organizations for gays in Budapest? Or would a gay couple be accepted in
a straight social oranization ? We're just looking for places to meet people, make new friends,
find people with common interests without sitting a noisy bar and drinking

steveFS :

This may not be a good place to ask this question, but not sure where else to ask.

You're absolutely correct, this isn't the place for a topic about friendships, but this is... … /budapest/

As for clubs and societies where gay people can meet and discuss topics of interest in a relaxed atmosphere, I have no clue but other forum members might well be able to help you out.

Good luck.

Hang on, I've found this.
Hope it helps.

Acceptance of gays (substitute minority group of choice -- immigrants, foreigners, Jews, blacks, Asians, pretty much anything "not us" for ANY nationality) is very personal; some do, some don't. But Hungary does comply with European laws and has laws of equality (social and work protections).  While you won't see gays walking hand in hand down the street, I can't remember any gay attacks either.

Yes, there are spas, massage parlors, szaunas that cater to gays, but don't let that bias you that it's all sex.  One of the nice things I've seen are couples and older folks at gay bars mixing with the youth.

I'm not the best source for gay info in Bp, however, so please feel free to look for events, things to do, places to go, here:
And there are several Facebook Social Groups in Bp (see links here: … .resources).

Hope this helps, and welcome to Bp!!

Hungary has come a long way with excepting people who live an alternative lifestyle.
We personally know several "gay" men who are Hungarian that left HU in the early 1970's and came to the US.
My husband is straight but he knew these guys from the refugee camp they all lived in and we used to run into them at parties etc. in Cal.
I also was a teen runaway in the early 1970's and my male gay friend gave me shelter and was my big bro looking out for me. I am straight but found a home and a huge welcome in the gay community as a run away.
Hard to explain why and how many gay men acted like my older brothers looking out for me, feeding me and making sure I went to school taking me clothing shopping and just being there for me.
I suppose I was a pet project.
My older sister introduced me to her gay friends, female and male, she was bi-sexual. I was taken in as a kid ,they all guided  me until I moved on with my own life as a young adult.
For a full year of my life all I knew were gay men.( 1972-73)
As senior aged straight long time married people we don't actually know what is going on in Hungary these days with gay society.
I would suspect one way would be to go clubbing and check out clubs on your own, I do believe some spas have men only days.
3 years back we went to SE Poland so I could meet my father's side of the family that still lived in Poland.
I was rather surprised to find out my 2nd cousin who owned the B&B we stayed at was gay and he and his partner owned and ran the B&B.
Met another couple from the UK at our family reunion who were gay men, one was also a Rusin from that area of Poland and his partner was British.
I was surprised because I also thought Poland was very hard on gay people, with my cuz living in such a small community and being excepted and having a thriving business was very interesting.
Times have changed. No one in our large group of 16 people said a word in the negative about their set up, either times have changed or I come from a very open minded family of people.
Really I would just suggest living your life, going to places you enjoy and if you meet like minded people while doing activities you enjoy then that would be great.
Join the book clubs you want to, gyms, play sports and if you happen to meet new friends then so be it.  I have meet many gay people just doing things I like doing and I am not even looking to meet  them. You and your partner should just move to HU if you want to and be ready for anything. There used to be a so called,"Love Parade" every Aug. in Budapest, we used to just bring a chair and sit on the sidewalk with a cold beer and watch the floats pass by, later people started calling it the ,"Gay Parade" and many idiots threw rocks and bricks at the floats, the police had to put up wire fences etc. These days the parade is no more, really sad because all sorts of people used to come out, dance in the streets and listen to the music.
Not sure why HU was so open at first then got all red neck and conservative.

I plan on seeing my hairdresser soon, I will try to remember to ask him where good places to meet other alternative lifestyle people are in Budapest.
I am also a US hairstylist and No, not ever male hairdresser is gay if anyone is interested in that fact.
I will let you know if he has any good ideas.

There is a gay hiking group with events once or twice a month. Check I know, all info is in Hungarian, just write them an email.

Sports collective:

Other than that you will have to look for specific events, for example at Once a month there's Queer Tango and once in a while they do picnics, meetups and such.

Unfortunately Budapest gay life is very party centered.

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