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Added on 13/11/2023
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Everything you need to know to work in Budapest
The work culture in Budapest
Congratulations! You have been hired by a company for a job in Budapest. Depending on the position you will occupy, your first experiences at your workplace can be very different, but there are some common habits you can discover in them.
Working in Budapest
Over past years, Budapest has become a popular destination for professionals looking to boost their career abroad. As mentioned in our article about the local labour market, opportunities are plentiful in many industries. To help you achieve your goals, here are some tips for finding a job in Budapest.
The labour market in Budapest
There are so many types of jobs available in Budapest that people from other parts of the country and around the world come here to look for opportunities. But it is not just about the number of jobs. Wages are also higher here, even though the cost of living can be more as well. 
Become a digital nomad in Hungary
Hungary may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of an ideal digital nomad destination. With nomadism typically associated with tropical weather, sandy beaches and hammocks swinging between palm trees, Hungary seems out of place amidst exotic locations and "islandlife" hashtags. And yet, the country's capital Budapest had topped the list for digital nomad destinations for several years in a row.
Finding work in Hungary
Finding a job in Hungary as an expat can be a bit challenging, especially if youre not an EU/EFTA citizen. Although the countrys economy is growing and the unemployment rate is decreasing, there is a strong preference from the government to give jobs to Hungarians first. Expats fare better in specialized posts and English teaching positions, or at foreign-owned companies that seek a diverse and highly-skilled workforce.
Internships in Hungary
As the need for more skilled workers increases, internships are slowly on the rise in Hungary both for locals and expats. If youre interested in doing your internship in Hungary, the process will vary depending on whether youre an EU/EFTA citizen or not.
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