Can i work on a dependent visa in Hungary


I would be moving to Hungary in the next 2 months but on a dependent visa. Wanted to know if there is a possibility of working there given the situation. How do i go about finding an employment?



I don't exactly know about being legal with a dependent visa, never heard of that type of visa and don't know the details.
I do know you will need a tax ID number in Hungary to work.
I suppose it also depends on what country you hold citizenship. If you are from the EU you should have no problems getting a job.

I am not sure with other countries, but i am an USA born person and the Hungarian embassy here said a dependent visa means just that. You are the dependent of the person who claims you. You do have to show you have some savings or non work income, but working in Hungary is out of the question.

I am a dependent of my Hungarian husband here in Hungary. I have a 5 year resident permit.
I can work in Hungary if I so want to with this permit.
You need to get a tax ID no. though
There are places like Man power employment here. I see many English speakers handing out flyers all over Budapest to tourists. Not sure how that job goes exactly, if they are on full commission or get hourly.
You could also perhaps get a job making change at a booth.
I don't think either of these jobs are big bucks but it could be a start.
not sure what job skills you have so hard to say.

Well i truly have no idea! I know only what the embassy here in USA said to me. I think one only knows when you walk in Hungary and apply. Who knows. I would think if you were a dependent of someone then they are taking care of you and working should not be something you look to do even if you legally could? What is the person who is declaring you as you being their dependent doing for you then?

I have zero interest in every working in Hungary but even as a legal dependent of a Hungarian I still like to know I am a free person and can seek employment if I so wanted to.It is nice to have options in life.
It could be that some visa are different then others.
I personally would never chose to work in HU as unemployment for skilled locals is high and wages are generally very low for everyone.
I know in your case you and your father have no relationship with Hungary so your visa may have different restrictions on it.
I am married to a HU citizen and the mother of a HU citizen so I can work in HU even as an American citizen with my immigration papers. We have steady income from the US but even there one can still work even if collecting SS.
Some people like to work just for the thrill of working, I know several people who are in their late 60's and mid 70's who still enjoy going to work everyday.

just a side not: My Hungarian speaking husband said being a "dependent" in Hungarian terms does not really mean what we think of in English.
It is more like being part of a family then helpless.
My DIL is from Japan and living in the USA. She is allowed to work in the US as a Japanese national married to an American.
This had nothing to do with her qualifying as my son's dependent on her visa papers.

Yes it seems Hungarian visas are different in just about every persons case. For us they said we can get 5yrs to start with before having to renew, then i know someone coming on a working visa that is only getting a year. I do agree with you on the working point. I have heard of people with Dr degrees that work for very little and other very educated people unemployed. So i do not know why sharon12_22 would go to Hungary to find a job.

Felica, I am sure several of us regular ex pats have been wondering how your move to Hungary has been so far.
Not sure you actually have arrived here yet or if you had a few delays with plans.
I am out of Hungary ATM but am returning after I do a few things in the US, family stuff.
I am rather surprised I am not missing Hungary much at all, the only thing so far I have missed is the low prices at the grocery store.
Sort of nice to be in the SW US where the sun is shinning all day long all winter long. Just needed a break from the drab winter.
It's good to have a break away to refocus and regroup. I find I must change my surrounding often or I go  stale.
Share your thoughts on Hungary and your move over if you care to, hope it worked out for you either way.

Marilyn and others who may be wondering, i thought i mentioned it but maybe i forgot on this forum! My father and I are moving Dec 6th we will be in Budapest to start with. We will stay in a hotel for a few days and then look for like longer term monthly rental. We will do all the things we need to get our residence permit during that time ( buy some medical care for both of us, life insurance, bank account and for visa i think we can use our temporary address i think? etc) and whatever the immigration office says we need to submit. I know we will have to get all our documents translated and the fees for that should not be too much.

During that time we will figure out if we can buy a house in the first few weeks or if not then rent a flat for a year and then buy a house in a few months.

As i am thinking since we are not criminals or anything if we do all the things legally required getting the residence permit should not be an issue.

So we are just getting the last few things done here in Florida to get ready to leave. This week we are trying to sale our car which is not going well, which is not surprising that is how things always go in that regard! He hee. And i realize i did not buy any warm pjs so i need to do that too!

Wow, Dec. 6 is coming up very soon.
Your car will sell, it is always the last min. details about moving that drive people crazy.
I really don't know what to say about your resident permits etc.
I know I have said many times it isn't always as easy as you wold think in Hungary. They honestly don't do things the way one would expect them to be done. Not always logical, just need to see everything in black and white, all documented etc.
I am in the US for a few months not really missing the cold weather that will be coming to Hungary this winter.
Please be sure to really look around before buying anything in Hungary. Hate to find out you've tied up your funds and can't stand where you bought.
Our flat was great for 9 years but new neighbors in HU are just too dumb to live with, plan on selling out and moving to a more peaceful place, maybe an old farm house for cheap.
Don't forget, it seems cheap at first to buy in Hungary with western money but if you sell out later, you will be receiving forints in payment and have to pay to convert forints into another currency.
This is a big issue with us cashing out and converting into dollars again.
This is where we could lose allot of money, the forint is weak lately against the dollar, cheap to buy now but not to convert after selling out.
Let us all know if you wish, where you find yourself and if you run into any major issues, we may be able to give some advice.

Marilyn Tassy wrote:

Don't forget, it seems cheap at first to buy in Hungary with western money but if you sell out later, you will be receiving forints in payment and have to pay to convert forints into another currency.

With the Forint falling to the Euro and the Dollar, now is a good time to invest in Hungary. But only if you are willing to buy and hold (maybe for years). My first investment in Hungary happened when that Forint was 305 HUF to one US Dollar, which is pretty near what it is today.

Of course if you want to sell in Hungary and convert to US Dollars, now is a bad time unless you re-invest the capital in Hungary.

Marilyn Tassy wrote:

plan on selling out and moving to a more peaceful place, maybe an old farm house for cheap.

Great! But only if you like a sedate (i.e. boring) country living....  ;)

But I suggest to buy in a wine region. At least then you can get really cheap wine direct from any micro-winery. Then who cares if life is "boring".  :top:

Boring would be good really!

We are not about "flipping" a house or anything. Whatever house we purchase i plan on holding on to to live in it for years. If 5 or 10 years down the road i want to sale the house then i would deal with that then, honestly if having 1 or 2 houses you own is never a bad thing.

Exactly, the 18 months we were "stuck" living in Erd trying to sell my MIL house I was glad that my long lost deceased FIL had stashed away over 200 liters of his home made wine and several gallons of Palinka! Made a boring situation much more interesting to say the least!!

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Can i work on a dependent visa in Hungary?

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