Sports and fitness in Budapest

sports in Budapest
Updated 2019-11-04 13:21

Sports is a great way not only to stay fit but also to keep yourself busy during your stay in Budapest. Whether you are alone or have a group of friends in the city, there are many group sports and individual sports activities you can indulge in.

Football in Budapest

The most popular sport in Hungary, as in many other countries, is football. Hungary has a successful history. Puskas Ferenc and his team, the legendary Mighty Magyars, are world-famous, and people like to remember this. Even though the present is not that great, everyone follows the national team and has an opinion about the players, the coach and their performance.

In Budapest, you can find several first league team, like the biggest club, Ferencvaros, and others like Ujpest, Budapest Honved. From lower leagues, you have Vasas, MTK, Budaors, Budafok, etc. There are matches every weekend, from the beginning of August until the end of May, and many during the week as well. Tickets are quite cheap, around 1,500-2,000 HUF, they only cost more if it is a special game, like Ferencvaros playing in Europa League.

If you would like to play football, you can join one of the amateur clubs that play in the regional Budapest league. Find out more about football clubs in Budapest on Magyar Futball.

Other team sports in Budapest

Other team sports like handball, basketball and volleyball, are also famous here. You can watch international and national matches competitions. Expect the highest level you can see in a Women's Handball Game, e.g., Ferencvaros playing against arch-rival Gyori Eto, both of them being top teams in Europe.

Running in Budapest

If you are looking for some regular activity for yourself, the easiest and cheapest is probably running. You can certainly do it wherever you live, but if you would like to do it on a proper running field, you can find some of them on Margaret Island, in Varosliget, and Orczy-garden or at Nepliget. You can join a running club as well, and take part in different races or just to enjoy other's company.

Water sports in Budapest

Water sports are also popular in Budapest. You can go swimming in an outdoor or indoor pool in the summer. Alfred Hajos Swimming Complex, located on Margaret Island, is the largest one in Budapest, and the ticket costs 1,800 HUF. However, there are many more, smaller ones and cheaper.

You can also indulge in other water sports like water polo or go kayaking/rowing on the Danube, for a couple of hours or for a longer trip too.

Fitness and gyms in Budapest

If you are looking to build your muscles or just stretching them, you can choose from numerous gyms and yoga clubs all around the city. Monthly fees can vary depending on their location, while in the central areas, they cost around 20,000 HUF/month. You can pay half of this amount for the same membership in the outer districts. You can find similar classes as anywhere in the world, from full-body training to TRX, spinning and Zumba.

Yoga is getting more and more popular as well. You can find yoga studios everywhere from traditional, smaller ones to bigger ones. You can even do open-air yoga; classes are held every Sunday at 11.00 am on Margaret Island from May to September for free, but a donation is recommended.

Winter sports in Budapest

Even in winter, you can find some sports to do. Go for ice skating to the Varosliget Ice Rink with Vajdahunyad Castle in the background or visit an ice hockey game. If you want to keep yourself warm, just visit one of the thermal spas, which are open all year long.

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