Student life in Budapest

student life
Updated 2019-11-04 14:14

Besides quality universities, Budapest provides international students with a high quality of life and a range of benefits. So if you are about to enrol in one of the excellent study programs, here is what you need to know about the amazing student life that awaits you.

Student accommodation in Budapest

The cost of living in Budapest is quite low compared to other European capitals. The most expensive part, as almost everywhere, is accommodation. If you choose to rent a studio flat, it can cost you around 150,000 Forint (450 Euro), but if you don't mind sharing, you can just rent a room for about 60-80 thousand HUF. (180-240 EUR). Check out the following sites for flats:

Alternatively, you can try and apply for a place in a dormitory, but places are limited, and the standard might not be as high as private accommodation.

The cost of living in Budapest

For travelling, the best option is a monthly ticket. You can get a student ticket around 10 Euro (3,450 HUF), which is not bad for unlimited travel around the city. The money you spend on food very much depends on the places you visit. You can get a daily lunch menu for 700-900 HUF (2-3 EUR), a Chinese or pizza is around 1,500-2,000 HUF, while a meal in a standard restaurant starts from 2,000 HUF. Or you can just cook something at home; a weekly shopping with getting the necessary food and drink will cost around 8,000-10,000 HUF.

Alcohol and cigarettes are cheap, especially if you compare prices to other major European cities, but if you go to a trendy bar, you can spend much more than in an average place. Ruin pubs are more and more famous, and attracting mostly tourists and international students, but if you would like to get real Hungarian experiences, visit smaller places, or leave the so-called Bulinegyed (district VI and VII) for outer areas.

Networking as a student in Budapest

There are plenty of opportunities to meet other students apart from pubs and bars as well. Universities are always organising student events, and most of them have their own network or support group for international students. You can also join an international organisation like Alumni Network Hungary, which works with universities all over the country.

It's also worth checking out online communities on Meetup and Facebook to meet other international students or people with the same interest.

Due to your studies, you are likely to visit libraries, where you can also meet other students. Here are the biggest ones:

  • Szabo Ervin Central Library
  • Szechenyi National Library
  • University Library
  • National Foreign Language Library

Student discounts in Budapest

As an international student in Budapest, you can get student discounts for most attractions and museums. The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the most widely accepted form of student ID which provides discounts on sights, accommodations, food and transportation. Some places offer admission discounts of 20%-50% to ISIC members.

Travelling in and around Hungary

And if you would like to discover other regions or maybe neighbouring countries, you can do so as Budapest is located in the heart of Hungary and Europe as well. During summer you can visit Lake Balaton, which is only 2 hours away, but you can also jump on a train and be in Wien, Bratislava or in Prague in a few hours. Visit the website of Hungarian Railway (MAV) to check your options, but if you would like to purchase tickets, it might be better to visit a ticket office as the online system is not always user-friendly.

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