Developing your professional network in Budapest

professional networking
Updated 2019-11-04 14:01

If you would like to get to know people in your profession and build a circle, first of all, you have to open up and start a conversation with as many people as you can. Here are some tips for developing your professional network in Budapest as an expat.

Networking at your workplace

In Hungary, traditional ways of networking are still popular. You can get to know about the latest news, opportunities and promotions from chatting with your colleagues and your boss. (Be careful though, when you talk to your superiors, and use appropriate language.) Try to keep a good relationship with the HR department as well, so they can advise you with extra tips. Take part in team-building events and visit the company parties, so you can get to know more people all around the company, and people will also recognise you.

Courses and training in Budapest

You can meet people with the same background or interest in different courses and training programs. For example, if you work in IT, and take part in a specialised course, you can meet people with IT background from beginners to top-level managers, as these courses are meant for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge. Same can be said in every profession, so watch out for upcoming courses and apply for them to learn and meet new people from your sector.

Professional networking events in Budapest

Many universities organise seminars and workshops not just for students, but also for professionals, so it is useful to have a look at the biggest universities' websites too. Alumni Hungary, which organises Alumni Workshops, allows senior members to discuss the latest issues, and to cooperate with Hungarian experts and companies.

You can also build your network on professional events organised by international companies. AmCham Hungary (American Chamber of Commerce), for example, provides high-level networking opportunities like the Business Meets Government Summit, Competitive Education Conference, or Digital Conference. You can check their next event on their website. You can also visit other chambers' events like the British or German Chambers of Commerce.

Networking websites

You can find more networking events on Meetup as well. The Conversation Club by the English Institute, Communication Meetup or are some of the most popular events in Budapest. You will also find events on websites like Eventbrite and Eventful.

Coworking spaces in Budapest

Coworking spaces are getting popular in Budapest too. Freelancers and employees of start-ups are getting together, and instead of renting their own office, just share one. It is much cost-efficient this way, and you can also get inspiration from other professionals. You can find Startup Campus at Millenaris, Kaptar in VI. District, or Impact in V. district.

And from time to time, major festivals and conferences are taking place like the Budapest Business Party in the summer.

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