English speaker part time jobs in Budapest

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to find a part time job in budapest but no luck. Any idea where I can find an english speaker part time job as I don't speak hungarian, and this makes it even harder.



Hello Ingie,

Have you take a look to jobs Budapest? it might help?
Do you have any specialised field? or any kind of job that you'll prefer than any other?

Best of luck,

I know that quite a few customer centers have been shifted to countries like hungary, slovakia.
E.g. one of our college master students works for an IT company,
SAP users call her from all over EUrope - in english, french, and perhaps german. Of course, that required her to know/learn some  IT and SAP stuff.
It seems, it is hard to find many good people to speak  a foreign language really well. But it is hard to find a job, these days.

So, the question is -- what is your skill set? If you give more information on your education, skills, and experience, people can generally help you (language proficiency, technical skills, law, whatever)

Thank you fireroller for your reply,

Well I am an electrical engineering student. last semester. I can speak English and Arabic fluently, I can also speak french but in an intermediate level.

I have MS Office skills and I can easily learn technical stuff.

Melissa wrote:

Hello Ingie,

Have you take a look to jobs Budapest? it might help?
Do you have any specialised field? or any kind of job that you'll prefer than any other?

Best of luck,

Hey Melissa, yea I checked, I don't prefer a certain field but I need a part time job or an hour based job as I have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Hi Ingie,
I just happened to read that KPMG offers part time jobs for native english speaking persons as proofreaders. Worth a try...

dorav wrote:

Hi Ingie

Hmm..... This tread is over 4 years old. I expect Ingie already found a job some years ago, or moved on.  ;)

Better to check the date before reacting...
Anyway, the kpmg thing is up-to-date

Dear Dora,

Can you please share the link that you are referring to? I am in a similar situation and looking for answers. In case you can help....

The offer is not open at this moment, but since this ad was on for months I can imagine they still can use native proofreaders.
I suggest to get in touch with th KPMG Budapest HR dept and refer to the ad below.
Worth a try!
Best, dora


What we offer:
— Challenging work in a young, dynamic multilingual team with colleagues from more than 30 nationalities
— Competitive salary and benefits and the opportunity for personal development and learning, both on the job and in training courses

Key responsibilities:
— Review texts, detect and correct spelling and grammatical errors in business reports
— Ensure that material is clear and consistent, well-structured and the text is well written
— Provide recommendations for a better flow of text if needed
— Resolve queries directly with the author, e.g. style and text inconsistencies
— Assist team members with translation and report writing based on risk-related articles
— Work based on a style checklist to ensure consistency in hyphenation, capitalization, formatting

— Native English is indispensable
— College or University Degree
— Attention to detail
— Experience in journalism, proof-reading, editing or translation
— Excellent computer skills (Word, Internet)
— Willingness to work diligently in an exciting, demanding environment
— Ability to meet deadlines
— Possibility of working as an intern or on a freelance basis as a subcontractor (10-15 hours/ week)
— Based in Budapest, Hungary and flexible to visit the office weekly
— Start as soon as possible

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