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my name is Piet Willems, and i came to this blog for a very special reason that i like to explain now. i am about to start a shop in Holland for handcraft leather goods and now i found a place in Budapest where very nice and very special things can be bought. this shop has a email adress which seems to be out of order. therefore i would like to ask anyone on this blog that is familiar in Budapest if he or she is willing to help me out on my problem.
i hop to hear from someone soon.

greetings and many thanks in advance from Piet Willems

Hello DutchieDuke and welcome to Expat.com :)

Can you give us the name of the shop you are talking about?


Karen :)

dear Karen,

thank you for helping me out with my problem. the name of the shop is Bíró Éva Leather Shop and the adress is 1111 Budapest, Dísz tér 16. this is all the information that i could get. hope you can help me; would be very grateful if you could.

many thanks in advance



Could it be that the shop got your emails but they don't speak English?

I suppose they can speak english because their website is in englih. i will show you the message i get when the emails i sent return:

This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

Each of the following recipients was rejected by a remote mail server.
The reasons given by the server are included to help you determine why each recipient was rejected.

    Reason:    Unrouteable address

i don't know what i can do now to get this email where i want it to be.



DutchieDuke wrote:

Reason:    Unrouteable address

Their email server is broken. Not an infrequent issue. Just like trying to call some phone numbers here get you a FAX machine.

Have you actually been to the store in Budapest? If not, maybe someone can drop by their listed address for you to see if it actually still exists. Many small businesses have been going bankrupt in the past few years here. Having a web site up does not mean anything, as it could have been prepaid for many years. But if it does still exist, the owner could be informed about their email account and asked for their phone number. I don't live in Budapest. Any other takers here up to the challenge?

No. I have not been in Budapest myself. I got this shop adress from an acquaintance and I am very much interested in this shop. I would be very gratefull if there would be someone living in Budapest who wouild actually go to this adress to seen if it still exists.



I google mapped it , it seems that it is  district 1014.
At the address  is a pharmacy.
Do you have photos of what you would like to sell? There are many leather shops around.

yes, I have some photos of the things I would like to sell here in Holland. if you can send me your email address, then I can send you the photos. my email adress is: [email protected]



Hi DutchieDuke,
I've just checked this company and it still exists.
Name of it: Bíró Éva és Társa Bt.
Address: 1014 Budapest dísz square 16 (Castle Area)
The company's registration no. 01 06 721008
However, I'm not sure why their email address doesn't work.

Hi Hungish, thank you very much for your inquiries. i am very pleased to hear that this company still exists. is there any way to get a telephone number of this company so that i can call them?

many thanks in advance, and anxious to hear from you soon.



Hi DutchieDuke,
I've just spoken to the owner (Eva Biro) on +36302416544, who informed me that their website (including email address) is under development at the moment but will be available in 2 weeks.
Unfortunately, she has pharyngitis, so she can barely speak at the moment; hence asked, if you want to contact her by phone then please do so but only in a couple of weeks time.
I hope it helps ang good luck with your business!

Hi Hungish,

sorry for my late reply; i was out of town a few days. thank you for obtaining the telephone number of this shop. i will call her in a few weeks, as you suggested.
if there is anything i can do for you,just let me know!

many thanks again.