Looking for a tutor for my 7 y.o

My 7 y.o. is the a school which follows the UK national curriculum. I need to find a tutor in Antwerp who is familiar with the curriculum of KS2 to help my son with English, Science, Geo and History. I don't even know where to look. Does anyone know what's the best way to find such tutor?

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Is your son having difficulties with his studies? I am not familiar with the curriculum, sorry, but I have worked as both a nanny and a teacher, and could potentially help him with understanding his work, but only with what he has already. I'm not sure where you'd find out about that, sorry.

Hi i am looking for a job as a nanny and i do know alittle about the curriculum, as i am from england and studied it myself and the children that i have looked after are on the same however I am not looking for a job till next steptember so if you are still looking for something next year I could perhaps help

Hi LanaH,

I am an Englih teacher and I can help your child improve in school.
You can contact me by mail if you wish to discuss further details and give you my phone number.
My address is:

you might contact either of these organisations for some recommendations: bctbelgium.com/ or antwerpparentchild.org/index.htm

Good evening, I am an international High-school teacher. Perhaps I can be of service? My email is XXX
Please email me for more information

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