Party! We count with you and your story!

Thats true! We have so much out from all of this! Isnt it? lonely days and sleepless nights under stress. Endless worries not giving us any chance to really feel life! Its really hard. But what do you think about this: WE CAN BE A NEW FAMILY! WE CAN MEET, WE CAN DANCE, WE CAN TALK AND SHARE EXPERIENCES IN REAL LIFE, WE CAN HAVE FUN! The idea is to organize a party or a meeting point once in every month to CELEBRATE LIFE AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS! C'mon the idea is good isnt it? Just post "approve" (if you like the idea and want to join us) or "disapprove" (if you dont). In the end of every month, the number of members "approving" will MAKE THE PARTY! :)

Hi Picas!

Maybe your could tell where you are located i guess. :whistle:


Hey Armando, that was a good observation. But for my distraction, I thought it was already clear on my profile info. But to make sure, here we go: I am located in ANTWERPEN. If you live far, you can stay the night in my appartment as long we clean together all the mess left next day :lol:


Count me in. We should definitely do that!

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