Circle of Girls, Party, Shopping? coffee and Chilling.. :)

Hi everyone,

My name is Maja, im 27years old living in Belgium and im havin the same issue like any other expats here :)
no friends lol  :D ... anyways, anybody who is interested to create circle of friends??
meet ups, go out, party maybe? im an outgoing person i  work all week and im only free in the weekends starting friday eve  :top:   im an asian by the way living in antwerp.. please reply on this forum so we can create meet ups and establish a fun circle of friendship..


Hey Maya! too bad that you are in Antwerpen and not in Brussels:( otherwise it would be nice to meet you

Hey maja,

What s'up? What are you doing in Antwerp?

I would love to meet!

Hey Maja, Melissa,

Welcome to Belgium! This is actually my first post on this forum, so here goes..

I'm a 27yo - born and raised in Belgium - living in the beautiful city of Antwerp - together with my girlfriend from Australia, who's sharing the same experience as you guys. :)
She moved in start of 2014 - working in hospitality - though she's a registered midwife in Australia (not the same as in Belgium unfortunately)

If you want to share a drink some day with us, feel free to contact us, we're a bit in the same situation. It can be frustrating sometimes arriving in a city where you feel you don't know anyone.

Best regards,


I would love that! My husband and I will be in the city tomorrow around 13:00, we can meet up if you guys want to or another time.


Hi everyone,  Dimpie and Melissa..

its so nice to hear from you guys,
im also from antwerp i'm currently working as administration in finance business here in antwerp..
antwerp is a nice city to go out for terrace or some clubs, i have a belgian boyfriend aswell,
:D  me and my boyfriend would love to meet new people and
build friendship ...  hope to hear from you soon... weekends will be great!  :D

by the way here is my personal email: muriel.agag[at] or maybe send me your fb account on personal message and ill add u asap! thanks guys!! hope to see u soon...

Maja :)

Hi, I m from Romania. Would like to meet you :)

Hey guys,

Hubby and I are looking for a 1 bedroom apartment close to the central station. Budget 400 - 500 eur. Let me know if you hear anything. Thanks!!

Hey people :) I'm new in Antwerp, these posts are a little bit old but maybe you already know quite good antwerp and can show it to me :) if you want to meet us, you can send a message :) thanks!!

Hey girls
Can i join your circle??

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