Antwerp Meetup

Hi There,

I was wondering if any of you guys staying in around Antwerp would like to catch up for a drink sometime in the centre of Antwerp.

What are your thoughts?


I'm not a drinker (hence sitting around in pubs and such is not an especially comfortable situation for me), so that wouldn't really interest me, sorry. If people wanted to get together to actually do something, though, then I may be inclined to join in...

Hi and welcome on the forum Greg :)

I hope that you will get some responses from other members and that you will meet them soon ;)


Hi Gourezou,
Since i moved in Antwerp and

Hi Greg,

I think it s good idea:) Just tell us the venue and the time.


Hi Greg, I also think it is a good idea.. if there is still interest, I am up to join, have bene living here for abt 2 years.... cheers, Hany

Hi mates and girls, I think it's a great idea! I'm up for a group expat-blog meeting in a pub or anywhere else. I have been living for about 6 years in Antwerp so any suggestions I can advise on..

Cheers, Avigdor

Hey Greg..sweel idea. Count me in. Let me know when you plan to.sure would love to join in.


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